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Ripped off?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by NeverComingDown, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. My friend calls me and says hes going to come over, so he comes and the whole time hes trying to push 2 grams to sell calling all his friends and seeing whos trying to pick up. He said he went half on a quarter and got an eighth from the dispensary it was called Banana. So I tell him I am dry and im looking for some so he smokes me out with a bowl and gives me 1.1 for 10. I go home and end up on WeedMaps and find out that the Banana was 5 dollars for a gram at the collective.

    Should I cut connections with this guy or just forget about it?
  2. Dank here is $20/gram, I have a hard time feeling sorry lol. But I wouldn't pay attention to it, people who sell are always after a profit and it's weird to charge like $8/gram. Just pick up a bigger amount next time and he'll probably hook you up better.
  3. Lol dispensary prices have nothing to do with street prices. Usually strains that are 5$ are just shake at the bottom of the jar. So just chill out and smoke
  4. Me and this guy go to the collective all the time. I told him lets go to the dispensary and he said either take this or leave it. He told me he was going to sell the rest of that and then go to the collective later on in the night and smoke me out but never called me. Ive know this guy for 3+ years
  5. So... You're willing to stop talking to your friend ( which has been your friend for multiple years) because he sorta ripped you off? Just call him an asshole.
  6. He's gotta make money somehow man.
  7. Oh man you got ripped off a whole 4 more next time
  8. Its funny cause while he was trying to push it he told one of his friends that he was going to sell him a gram for 12 dollars but its 5 dollar shit. Im not the person to hold grudges; the night before me and a few friends went to a party and after i drop some friends off the guy that sold me this sack goes and kicks my car as im driving away. And then the next day he comes over with this Banana BooBoo
  9. Hey man you replied to my thread about the Blue Herer in the stash jar section. I picked that up the same day i got this Banana.
  10. You cant be mad that your boys trying to make a profit thats the whole point in supplying you in the first place if you cant understand that concept you shouldnt buy weed
  11. dude what do you expect he has to make money. If a drug dealer is getting an oz of dank for 300 a zip, it doesnt mean hes going to sell 1g dimes and make 20$ profit with no head smoke. 20$ for a g around here, be happy you got 1.1 for 10. And on another note, nothing pisses me off more than when people complain about what they get when they spend 10-30$. Go get your money up if a 10$ bag means that much to you.
  12. If you are unhappy with prices then grow

    I would gladly accept a 50% markup if I really wanted to smoke


  13. Don't cut ties. Just dont ever buy anything off him again. Get your med card and buy your own.
  14. Dude that is a fair price. Its 5 a g at the dispensary. He is not a dispensary. You had to pay the $5 for the g then the $4 ffor this guys breaking the law selling it to you. Nothing pisses me off more than when people complain about people charging them enough to turn a profit; especially when your buying a $10 sack. How bout the gas to get to your house and home, that was probably at least $2. Plus the bowl he used, add 0.50. Now its costing him 7.50 a g and you 9.3 a g. Oh man $2 profit for breaking the law.
  15. Really though cutting ties with a friend you've known for 3+ years over $5!! Plus as others said be glad you dont live in a non med state and have to pay $20 a gram!
  16. If I bought a g for $10, I would probably hug the guy/gal I bought it from.
    That's half price in my world.
  17. This thread is ridiculous. I would be pissed if I was getting ripped off on like an ounce, not a gram. Get a medical card if it really bugs you that much.
  18. Go to the collective and buy it yourself. $5 is pretty petty considering it was brought to you.
  19. I aint mad he came over monday night and smoked me out with a J and i threw in the last of the banana too. That banana was some of the worst bud ive had in a while, there was no scent too it and it looked alright but under the light it had this darker brownish color to it. Those 5 dollar grams are just nasty after blazing the banana i noticed I would get headaches after the high wore off..
  20. some people live such a sheltered life and take everything for granted...

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