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Ripped Off

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LeonineWanderer, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. The guy i'd been buying from for 6 months just ripped me off, bad. I took 100 bucks and gave me a bag of oregano(I know i should have checked this, but i had no reason to believe he'd rip me off. It was dark, he said he was in a hurry, so we just made a quick exchange like we've been doing for months). The question is, how do i get back at him? I'd like my money back. What do you guys suggest?
  2. I'd say ALWAYS check the bag before any money is handed over, if they want to say they're in a hurry then you know something's up but they can wait 5 seconds for you to at least confirm that it's weed and what you want to pay money for and remember he wants your money so expect him to serve you
  3. This post again? Oh god...
  4. I guess I'm too trusting of a person. It doesn't even make sense to me, why ruin a steady source of income(a customer) to pull one sting?
  5. karma will get him
  6. This guys what you call, a fucker. Ask him for your money back but don't blow it out of proportion. If he's a dick and doesn't give it back never buy off him again and encourage others not to and tell them your story.
  7. So i played the threat card, didn't work. Now I'm playing the sob story card, saying i was mad because my girl and i are on the rocks. Maybe this will work?
  8. he's offering to "give me some for free" later in the week. I think taking it would be a bad idea, people have been known to lace weed with raid in this area to get rid of peeps they dont like around.

  9. If he had the nerve to sell you oregano for $100, I doubt he gives a flying fuck about your relationship :cool:

  10. Its to sketchy don't do it.
  11. no, it actually worked. He's saying he did it because he got jacked. I don't think he would poison me, but then again, he doesnt exactly have the best track record right now.
  12. As much as i wish I could play along, bring friends to the meet up, and jack his shit, I'm not that kind of guy. don't know what to do, he says he'll text me back tomorrow. I'm a much better manipulator than i am a fighter(hell i nearly broke my hand punching a break board). I'll be posting the whole story as it goes downed. Stay tuned tokers. Any advice welcome of course.
  13. Hold him down and make him smoke all the oregano in front of you
  14. The "I'm worried about my relationship and I can't take free weed now because i'm afraid it would kill my girl with poison and i'm a traditional strong protective man" card seems to be getting me somewhere.
  15. People can't resist money. It's sad, but it's life. One of my dealers kept ripping me off and one day I called him out on it and now I get really dank weed. Just call him and play dumb. Don't blame him, because he'll get defensive and you won't get any results.
  16. the fact that your profile pic is terrance mckenna for some reason gives me hope about this situation lol. Are you into shamanism and what not? That whole idea is one of the main reasons i started smoking.
  17. thefact that your pic is of terrance mckenna for some reason gives me hope for this situation. Are you into shamanism and what not? Those ideas are the main reason i started and continue to smoke.
  18. You got some issues bro.
  19. I'll give you the same advice I give to Blades that post this identical thread every few days: You got ripped off. Learn from it, don't let it happen again, and steer clear of the douche that fucked you over. Just be glad it was only 100 bucks. It could have been worse.
  20. go get that free weed, but bash the fuck out of him in the process, your time and money isnt worth a little bit of weed. Go fuck him up proper for fucking you around

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