ripped off?

Discussion in 'General' started by galacticjonny, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. So I got an ounce for $160 and my dealer said it was blueberry og. He seemed excited and kept saying how "dank" it was and how this is "that hocus pocus shit" so I said alright and we agreed to meet up. This is only the second time I buy weed and I usually take my friend who knows more about it but he's working so I went by myself. I show up and give him the money, he gives me this bag that is like wrapped in tin foil and in several zip lock bags. He drives away and I get home to check it out and im not sure but it doesn't look like weed to me? My friend came over and said its not weed but he doesn't know what it is. We did some of his weed and I took a pic of it comparing it to his weed:


    is this weed? It smells sour like rotten fruit or something? Ive only bought from this guy once and he had some really good diesel weed. I know I shouldn't have bought a large quanitity but my cousin was in town and he wanted to smoke and I wanted to surprise him.. thanks for the help guys :)
  2. Always check your bag before you buy it. Dont act like idiot.
  3. Only one way to tell right?? Smoke it

  4. /thread
  5. whatever that is, it looks nasty as fuck
  6. Brick weed. You payed a 100$ service charge for the bricking and bundle package.
  7. Looks like dirt.
  8. That shit is not weed

    And seriously, don't believe any dealer that their shit is "dank" until you see it with your eyes. Every dealer in the hood says "this some loud shit yo" when it's really some straight ditch weed that they rubbed under their armpits.

    Everybody likes to talk their product up. Close your ears. Use your eyes.
  9. I find these threads more and more comical as more pop up.
  10. Why would you buy weed without looking at it?? :confused:
  11. That's not dank blueberry og. That's that schwiggity schwaggity
  12. The nug you're holding with those little child fingers is definitely cannabis that was bricked. The shit on the plate looks like dried up leaves/stems/and other.
  13. really man, i dont understand but thats not weed what so ever
  14. It's weed, just not very good weed
  15. It doesn't look anything like weed..
  16. [​IMG]
    Me shaking OP's hand
  17. yes, that is weed. yes, you got ripped off. Oh well, fuck it, just $160 lost. Chalk it up to the game
  18. shit looks nasty man hate to say it but you should have only paid $30 for that.

    also for future reference, if the bud looks like something you would find in your yard in the bushes, don't buy it
  19. Don't listen to everyone saying it isn't weed. It is, but it isn't really the best quality. Always check the bag before you and the dealer part ways. Learn from your mistakes.
  20. That nug is the only thing that looks like weed, and its low quality. The other shit looks like rocks

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