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Ripped off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Acelynx, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. So I bought a gram off some guy at my school and feel ripped off. I look and its like literally 2cms in diameter. I am really stoned right now off my other stuff so this may not make any sense.
  2. size does not necessarily determine the weight of the nug, there are many factors such as density, how wet/dry it is etc. the only way to know for sure is to scale it up
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    you cant be too sure with grams anyways..dealers make ALOT of money by selling like a dime worth for $20. You could get a scale, but honestly how much hell are you gonna raise for being shorted on a gram? advice would be to start buying in bulks (start with 1/8s and see how long it last you and go from there) and use a bong.

    *sidenote* you're gonna need that scale when buying in bigger quantities because that's when you REALLY don't want to get ripped off, either that or ask the dealer to weigh it out..if he's legit he wont have a problem weighing it.
  4. buy a scale and determine it for yourself. i am usually able to tell by eye. most dubs around here are 0.7 to 0.8 grams
  5. Well around my place, Florida, a dub means a $20 worth. A $20 worth is 3.5 grams. Hopefully your talking about regs/mids because that is what I'm talking about.:smoke:
  6. If you feel ripped off, then get a scale.
  7. Don't hand them money?

    Would you buy a drink half filled? Why would you hand them money?!?

  8. you mean dub as in a gram right? On the east cost where i'm at a Dub is 2 grams because Dub comes from the word Double witch stands for 2 so it really doesn't make sense saying Dub for a gram, but that's slang for ya.
  9. i'm on the east coast too and up here a dub stands for 20 bucks, which is 1 gram
  10. Buy in bulk. Just save up your money, find a real dealer, and get an eighth to last you a bit.

  11. A dub here is $20 worth, which is generally a gram. A "dub" = double dime = $20. A "dime" = $10 worth (ten cents... ten dollars, hence the term). It is just a matter of location. I've never been anywhere where a dub was anything other than $20 worth.
  12. i Guess im over in MD and here it is a 40 bag

  13. Never heard of anyone selling 2g bags on the regular. Again, just determined by location, I guess.
  14. I've never understood this mentality.
    He won't have a problem weighing it? Really?
    Even if a guy is straight up legit he probably won't appreciate
    a: The implication you think he IS dishonest
    b: Taking up extra time on what should be a short discreet exchange
    c: Bringing weighing paraphernalia to an exchange in which pre-weighed goods are present, adding to any potential trouble if shit goes sideways.

    My suggestion OP is that if you buy a scale use it more like a post-buy quality assurance tool, and an educational device.
    Sure you might get shorted once, but then you'll know, they'll know you know and will go elsewhere if it happens again...or, you could just choose to go elsewhere immediately, that's what I'd do, within reason.

    You'll also become more familiar with the approximate (though variable) size/weights.
    Taking a scale along with you like you want to run shit...Personally I wouldn't suggest that unless you want to immediately lose this person as a source, or put them on edge.

    Also, I've seen a gram that looks like LESS than 2cm in diameter. Depends on the structure and density.
  15. i also dont see trouble in raising hell over a gram.. now if it was a quarter and i was cut short 1.5-2g then that would be a different story.
  16. yeah op, ask to see it weighed out or don't buy it. believe me getting shorted isn't worth it for bud.

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