Ripped off one seedling leaf trying to remove the shell embryo..

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  1. The title says it all.. I fucked up.. any chance this seeling will recover? It's only 3 days old above soil. She is a healthy green color and has been growing completely fine until I just ripped one of her leaves off. I should have left it alone. IMG_20190712_170329.jpg
  2. She might make it.. might not. One of mine got all twisted up trying to shed her seed hull. Stem turned white , I thought I lost it. But it seems to be recovering now. One thing I have learned though, is to LEAVE YOUR SEEDLINGS ALONE..
    I slowed a couple of mine down trying to mess with them.. at that early of a stage, you’re better off letting them secure themselves in your medium, and letting them shed their own hull..
    It’s what they are supposed to do..
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  3. Hopefully she does make it I got these seeds from seedsman, this might be an expensive mistake lol
  4. Geez, I feel that one man. I bought one six pack and none of them sprouted. Only have two left but I’m not getting my hopes up. I think it may just be the breeder though like I said even my other beans I have going made it past germ :confusedalt:<_<<_<
    Sometimes, it’s not always your fault ha.
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  5. 'at your risk'
  6. I helped a sprout to shed its helmet and I took off its head. It didn’t look like that tho. Yours looks healthy other than missing a Cotyledon. Mine looked rather beheaded.
  7. Make no mistake; I have done it... and, quite likely, everyone has done it.
    That's why I always write; "At your own risk".
    It's okay! Life WILL go on... if not for THAT seedling ;)
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  8. I'm glad to say the sprout still grew like a weed after the incident happened and barely even showed signs of stress. It's looks really healthy now! Thanks for the input, cheers!
  9. That’s GREAT news!

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