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    So I have a friend I knew since 6th grade and we smoke and he buys from me sometimes but he had a connect that sells by the pound. So he went to go pick up an ounce for me and I couldn't go with because I had to be somewhere else but long story short, I gave him 150$ for an ounce and he delivered it back, only problem is, it's 17-18 grams on scale. I bought this ounce like a week ago and we did smoke some but like 1 or 2 grams, no more then that and if we ran out, we used most of his weed and not mine. So I want to know if his dealer ripped him off or did he rip me off? He tared the cup before he put his weed in but maybe something messed up... I don't know what to do. This weed is like high mid's if anyone is saying shit about the price.
  2. don't front for weed.
    and if your bag was short, then tell dude to fix his shit.
  3. I pay $100 for 7 grams (1/4oz) so I wouldn't say you got ripped off paying $150 for 17 grams. At all.

  4. Sure, but if I am buying an ounce, I want an ounce and not 17 grams lol... Should I say something to my friend or tell my friend to talk to the dealer or what?
  5. $150 for an ounce? You smoking that Mexican Cartel weed?

    No seeds! No stems! No sticks, jigga!
  6. I usually pay 10 a gram. Sounds like a good deal to me
  7. Cut Your Losses Man (Op) And Spread the word about the guy beaing a theif tell people to stay away from him and you will crush him financially hopefully & try to find a more legit dealer Good Vibes to you man.
  8. You went through your friend, tell him first and see what happens. Telling him a week later though isnt smart, should always weigh the bud the same day and let them know right away.

    I know if I was a dealer and someone came up to me a week later and told me my ounce was short, I wouldn't believe them if it was a week ago.

  9. But see I can't. It might be my friend or the dealer... I am just not sure. My friend said if it's shorter then 28 grams he will talk to him though so I am sure it's not him if he said that.

  10. I didn't really smoke any and my scale broke and I just got one today. My dealer is pretty cool, he goes to school with my friend.

  11. Im sure he means an ounce of mids, not fire.

  12. It's not exotic or anything... lol, just high mids.
  13. This happened to me once...about four years ago, I was picking up a half ounce from this dude i went to school with, all I could find was the brick weed, and didn't have a scale...come to find out I had only gotten a of my other buddies was also buying a half o at the same time I was, and he only ended up with a quad...turns out the dudes scale was fucked up, and read a half o when it was only a quad...called him up and he fixed it so maybe this guys scale is broken too?

  14. Yeah, I know my scale isn't messed up since I just got it.
  15. Hahaha sucks don't it?
  16. Few things wrong..

    You gave the money to a middle man to get the bud for you, and you smoked an unknown amount before weighing it so can't really call anyone out on it cuz you don't even know how bad you got ripped off.
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  17. Ripped off by dealer...join the club.

  18. I only smoked 1 or 2 grams and my friend was there with me. He knows I wanted to scale it real bad and he talked me into smoking it so I will probably get him to talk to him.
  19. Ok so your friend is the middle man, then you get your bag and wanna weigh it but he talks you into smoking some instead? sounds kinda sketchy.. When your friend went to get the bud did he come back with his own? was it about the same amount you were missing? lol. Did he have money before hand that he said he was buying weed with, that you saw he actually had? I don't see why an established dealer who's selling zips would just rip off a customer by 7 grams, it's kinda retarded. The more likely scenario is that the middle man / friend ripped you off to give himself a little smoke stash.

  20. Could be true, I gave him 150$ to pick it up. :)

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