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Ripped off big time

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smigjo, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. So I just bought an ounce for $120 from a guy I work with. I got home and weighed it out, and it's not even half an ounce. I have never bought bigger than a quarter so I'm not very good at eyeballing weights. But what the fuck would you do? I'm about to call him but the kid knows fucking jujitsu of something so I'm not about to try and pick a fight lol.
  2. move on... he'll fuck someone else.
    Let them do the deed you are thinking of.
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    count it as a loss and do better next time
    Edit: confront him about it but don't go farther then that
  4. He may know jujitsu, but he can't kick your ass over the phone. Call that fucker and get your product!!
  5. #5 okiuisdgf, Jun 21, 2013
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    obviously ask what the fucks up with that at least... if he gets a big head just knock it off and rob him.
    not really but I would be pissed.
  6. an ounce for $120? 
  7. Jui-jitsu can't block bullets.
  8. yeah and make sure he wasnt thinking a half cause a half here is 120.
  9. Yeah He's going to call me here in a second. And he knew it was an ounce.

    And I work with the guy, so some of your alls plans might not work out that well lol.
  10. Fuck, it only weighed out to like 12.2 grams.
    I got it and just left because that place was pretty fuckin sketchy. Guess that should've been the first sign to gtfo, it's just been so dry here lately. $60 gone.
  11. Unlucky bro. On to tha next!
  12. I told him to make this right I want either a refund or the missing stuff. I also told him I'll show him the scale if he wants proof. Just hoping this all works out. Thanks for the support, blades.
  13. you didnt get ripped off thats 10$/g for 120$ for 12g if thats what you said previously 
  14. #14 jiafu, Jun 22, 2013
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    A Q costs like $100-110 and you got a extra few grams?
  15. If the dealer said "ounce for $120" then he obviously got ripped off. 
  16. #16 Sativa Hangover, Jun 22, 2013
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    Tell him you know where he shits, and if he doesn't give you a refund he's going to have an incendiary round in his ass cheek when he goes to take his morning piss. Seriously though if you let people walk on you like that word will get around, and then everyone will be trying to pull shit over on you. He probably doesn't expect you to say anything, and thinks you're a dumbass.
  17. #17 MrGoatington, Jun 22, 2013
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    $120 is good for half an ounce, but if you were buying an ounce, get an ounce... Or at least get what you were missing in weight, in his blood. That'll show him to not fuck up the weight again, or else it's his blood.
  18. At least ask for the other 16g. Worst case he'll say no. Either way I wouldn't pick up from him again.

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  19. Yeah it sounds like there was some miscommunication but unless this dude's hooking you up bigtime an ounce for 120 either means he's losing money or you're smoking some garbage weed. I wouldn't even count it as a loss, 12 grams for 120 is alright if it's good stuff, worst case scenario you overpaid a bit if it's low quality.
  20. Yeah i'm guessing he was buying mids so in that case i would be pissed but i mean mids is for kids so who knows.

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