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  1. my plants were stolen from their spot sometime in the last 4 days. i just went to water them and they are both gone. i got a sick feeling in my stomach and i've been so sad..i feel like i should be pissed, but i'm just sad. it's like the same feeling as when you and your gf break up

    and i'm making today my last day of smoking

    literally worst day ever

    to see my plants before they were stolen check my sig

  2. Dude, I am so sorry to hear this :cry:

    You must have been devistated. I took a look at your link and it looks like they were a ways into flowering. I do not understand peoples motivations when this happens. They are heartless, I know that is for sure.

    Don't let this detour you from growing in the future. You may want to consider an indoor grow, or at the very least, changing growing locations. I successfully completed an indoor grow for almost no money (less then $250 all said and done) and very little space. No matter which route you go, however, don't give up. Start over, keep on growing. Time passes so quickly that you'll have another plant(s) to the same stage as these were before you even realize it.

    Keep your chin up and keep on growing man. We all hit road blocks. My second grow consisted of 3 plants, all of which turned out to be male. That was 2 months down the drain. But you have to keep on trucking man.

    Good luck to you!
  3. Wow I'm sorry to hear that. That's some fucked up shit. Why are you quitting smoking?
  4. I lol'd so hard at your video, in your grow thread.

    "DUDE OMG that smells like the dankest nug ever! It's got that weird smell to it, you know?"

    I laughed hard. I'm sorry to hear of your loss, too. Could it have been a friend? Next time, if there is another attempt, maybe bring it closer to home? I dunno man, this blows. They look so promising...
  5. People are assholes, + rep for having to go through the loss of a nice plant though. Try again next season!

  6. court shit

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