RIP Travis The Flower

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Vicinity, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    My friend used it yesterday, and this bright summer afternoon, I go to smoke some sweet lemon kush, and it was slit in half.

    Smoke a bowl in its mourning.
  2. Sorry, dude. That bubbler is blowing my mind.
  3. did he not tell you that he broke it or did it just happen in your posession without you knowing. if he didnt tell you and was trying to pull a fast one, that is kinda messed up. would never do that to one of my friends.
  4. yes please complete this mystery

    Seems like a job for the.....

    HARDLY BOYS!!!!! and the case of the broken bubbler.....


    ..... i think i'm getting a clue
  5. i got a raging clue telling me your friend is a douche and broke your bub without telling you
  6. he said he didn't actually smoke out of it he just showed it to another friend who had never seen it. Apparently he knew nothing of it.
  7. thats what i would have said if i broke it.
  8. exactly. lol

  9. it would have started with a DUDDE WTF TRAVIS THE FLOWER BROKE! WTF MAN! but yeah i have no idea, i just showed it to him.

    anyways i am very sorry for your losss... that is a sexy ass bubbler... is there no way to repair it? clean cut? look for some glass glue at your local hardware store shouldn't cost more than like 4 bucks
  10. omg that fucking sucksssss!! that is (was) a nice ass bubbler man :(:eek:

  11. no it broke in half, but it was not a clean cut, there are a lot of small pieces broken off :(
  12. Sorry about that beautiful of a bubbler

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