RIP Sweet Fancy Moses

Discussion in 'General' started by cocoa, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. I broke my bong yesterday. This the first piece I broke. I had just finished cleaning it and when i picked it up the bottom swung out and hit the wall. busted a big hole in the base. RIP Sweet Fancy Moses.
  2. Thats a damn shame man, losing a piece is a lot like losing a friend. Its rough, but soon another piece will enter your life.
  3. well I guess I make this next bowl in the memory of. Its tough losing a favorite piece, to me at least.
  4. ono such
    a nice bong

    omg look its jesuses friend moses hahah we had a kid bnack in highschool who we would do that to funny sheeeeit
  5. That sucks, that was a sick looking Bong. RIP.
  6. RIP can't wait for Sweet Fancy Moses Jr

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