RIP Spacebat

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  1. Haha fucking hell he wanted to be an astranought so bad :(
  2. He lived his dream no matter what the consequences. A true American hero.
  3. I will pay my dues for Spacebat today just for this. R.i.p Batman
  4. they should make a movie about spacebat's life. a bat taken from us way too soon. RIP
  5. Don't be sad he's gone, be happy he was here.


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    Either way lil dude went out with one hell of an awesome ride.:metal:

    Fucking bat was prolly more badass that most of us :laughing: Wonder if he was aware he landed on another "flying" object...Thatd be cool if he was also smart, real cool :cool:
  7. Gonna go smoke a bowl for the first bat in space :smoking:
  8. I hope you all paid your respects.
  9. Space Bat is not dead. He lives in our hearts.

    I'll always remember you, Space Bat.
  10. this next bong rips for you little buddy
  11. [quote name='"Rebel Eye"'][/quote]

    This ones for all my fallen homies
  12. May Space Bat rest in peace.

    Crunchy little bugger.

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