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RIP Single Seed Centre

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by TheWeedian666, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. I woulda been less concerned had it been the critical seed....i want that sour diesel i had in Vegas again!!!! Or at least something close lol
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  2. Welllll.....the email got bounced back ad not valid.... gonna try and call em tomorrow if i have time.
  3. The phone number says caller is no longer available.

    Have sent them a message via facebook as a last resort, it has not yet been read but the messenger app says they typicaly reply within 2 days

    Having said that, it would appear my latest order with them is about to ship out.
  4. Well.....emails bounce back, phone no good....no reply to facebook message ( I don't believe it has been viewed yet)

    So it would seem fast shipping, but hard to resolve an issue.....it would have to be the $23.00 seed thats bad...smh
  5. I was able to trick the system!! I I found a way to start a help ticket via a shopping cart on their website and got that message through. Replacement bean is being sent out. Will report back here when I know
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  6. Another follow up, 2nd order arrived in same timely fashion, replacement seed should be right behind it.

    Not very impressed with free seeds though, seems all you get is one or two gorilla glues as advertised on their site.

    And I paid with Bitcoins for all transactions!! they said said at checkout extra free stuff for bitcoin transactions but I didn't get anything extra at all on my first order, 2 gorilla glues with the 2nd, we shall see with the replacement sour diesel, I'm not expecting anything but just that seed.
  7. but did you get a discount for using bitcoin ?
  8. Nope, didnt get any perks at all. But it is what is. The shipping is super fast and discreet. Seriously, twice in a row it took exactly 14 days from click, to me signing for the package. And they have resolved the issue with the bad seed and sent out a replacement.

    But i dont think i will use bitcoins with them again. It ended up costing me more with no extras, aside for 2 gorilla glues, which i would have had anyway paying with CC or cash.

    But at the end of the day, i got everything i ordered, and got it pretty fast too. Ymmv
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  9. Replacement sour diesel arrived today. No extras aside from the stealth package the seeds come in. But again, it came fast.
  10. they also say the free seeds are always top of the line and from reputable breeders but when i asked for details on their freebie gorilla glue they told me they have no idea, its their own plant creation but they have no idea about it and hope ill give feedback... wtf? i dont wanna grow some shit the person who made it doesnteven know anything about. and to call something untested gorilla glue is a pretty bold move... more like a scam ploy using such a big name. ill never order from them bonza gyo etc.. they are all the same place.
  11. Guess the GGs will be some outside plants next year. I mean, may as well pop em.

    Hopefully the trainwreck, green crack, sour diesel, critical, and pineapple chunk are all good genetics.

  12. well I wont waste my time. I just got responses from the breeders of my seeds and they all say the same thing "Who? I never heard of the single seed center..."

    Ill call it a loss and and learnfrom it. breeder packs or nothing from now on.
  13. You spend a boat load of time talking to seed banks dont you?? It was hard for me to make any contact with them....oh jeez your a brand new member too....i see a total of 4 posts from you and every one bashes tssc bonza gyo

  14. I been here a long time under a few names but i always forget the names or change email addresses alotso i cant reset passwords... I bought from TSSC a long time ago and all went well. but it seems they have gone under since that time. and now that breeders have their own sites so you can contact them its easy to find out they are frauds. Wish i found brothers grimms site sooner though but i got sucked in to being able to get the seeds i wanted without having to pay 150+ for a pack. I wish breeders didnt package like that. Sell fucking 2 packs or 3 packs. we all arent trying to start a farm. Same with MR Nice. The seeds individually are cheep but they come in like 18 packs so cost you 100 bucks. I wish some legit places would sell singles. thats why tssc gets away with it. to tempting when the legit banks wont do it.
  15. Well i know one thing....im growing something from tssc lol
  16. for cheAp good AF there's a seedstocker web dtp sister company,and seedsman..
  17. Well another sour diesel seed arrived today.... then I realized that they replied to the help desk email first, and then a day or so later replied to the Facebook message I sent. So they kind of mucked up and sent me two more replacement seeds but I'm not complaining...i will germinate the RQ Critical on the 15th and report back here as i grew a RQ Critical earlier this year, so should be able to tell if its not. Ive read more good than bad about tssc.
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  18. I'm a little concerned myself with TSSC since they reopened. I placed an order for some Mephisto Genetics. No longer do you get a piece of the original pack. Also two of the plants are showing red edges to the leaves and don't appear to be growing any where near close to the last ones I ordered.

    I hope I am wrong as I really like the variety of seeds available as singles. I don't like having to buy multiple seeds if I plan to grow out one plant to see if I like the strain.
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  19. An update to my previous post.

    I used a heat mat to help germinate the seeds and thought I unplugged the mat once I transferred the seedlings to Solo cups. As you can guess the soil was too warm and I think that is what caused the red edges on my leaves and slow growth. I have since unplugged the mat and the plants are recovering.
  20. Here also to report back on my end, so far everything seems to look like what i think they should. Have not flowered anything yet but so far everything seems healthy.

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