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  1. So my rig finally broke after years of use :( i need to know if there is anyway i can make like a quick homemade dab rig before i buy another soon.

    I have dab tool,titanium domeless nail. I figured having a domeless nail could do the trick and i tried attaching it to a watter bottle but no ro -shambo. HELP pls
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  2. heat safe food grade vinal tubing from yer hardware store
  3. Sorry for your loss
  4. Rip, Quick Fix is Get a Ceramic pourous stone, just drop it in your pipe, or bowl head, drop a dab on it an light up like you would a normal bowl i love 'em for a rip.but nothin will beat a savory rig
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  5. Get a brick to sit your nail upon. Get it hot like you Normaly would. Use a tube of some sort to hit the dab when you drop it on the nail. Water bottles work great for getting that dab down the old hatch. Just cut the bottom off and inhale said dab.
  6. You could just hit it off tinfoil with a straw man this is what I do with no rig around.

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  7. Bro, you didn't really upload your pic and use your full name did you? :confusedalt:

    I'm sorry you lost your peice, but dude, you're playing russian roulette
  8. Odds are slim he did...

    Anyway do you have adapters laying around? You could set up something funky with a couple of them. I used to use a 14mm slide, female to male adapter, and a long single hole downstem as a mouthpiece, it's like a little dab chillum. you can do low temps with it, it's just hard to explain without a picture. I don't have any of the adapters i mentioned anymore.

    You could make something out of wood if you have a drill, get a y branch, drill the long part as the mouthpiece, drill a hole down the offset branch as the joint, and then widdle down the offset branch so the domeless fits on it. Just be sure to use woods like apple, pear or briar. Really it shouldn't get hot enough to cause problems at all, i'm paranoid about that stuff and i wouldn't worry, the wood shouldn't even brown up, nevermind burn, but don't poison yourself with the wrong wood... still find the right stuff. It's easy to find.
  9. Bottle tokes

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