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  1. This is a thread for all those long, lost, shattered pieces and the fond memories that they created. Post pics and stories of your pieces. Use them while you can guys, the break so fast....

    This thread is for Roger, who fell apart when I was cleaning him today. Lots of great memories with that piece. He was my party bowl, so many people I knew had the honor of getting high with us...

    RIP Roger, lil' blazer, Zeus, and Grandmaster Bubs.
  2. Yeah let me willingly chill in a depressing thread...
  3. This was a heady Texas Blown Box fan bowl. Me and my cousin came back from the store and the black horn had been broken off. the other room his girlfriend had a very very very sad look on her face. Lol

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  4. personally, i dont agree that "they break so fast"... sure, accidents happen from time to time but a well cared for piece can last forever.
    that being said, the only time i've broken a piece i cared about was last week. i had my Diggy ashcatcher in my Darby stemless mini with an el hefe slide, and had JUST finished telling my mom how much the whole setup cost when i knocked the whole thing over. THANKFULLY the bong and slide survived, but the Diggy a/c broke right above the joint. i was gutted. im going to see about getting it fixed, but if i cant, i will buy another. his a/cs are the perfect size for mini tubes.
  5. RIP Pipee II. I went to the cottage on vacation with my parents and smoked by the river. I got paranoid as FUCK and threw my pipe, lighter, and weed in the river.

    Goddam I didn't know how to chill out back then.
  6. Ya broke my Headford ash catcher a few weeks back. Even though I replaced it with what some would say is a better ac (2011bc), I still took the time to carefully reassemble and glue her back together the best I could. Now she holds a place of honor among all my other broken pieces.

    Here's a pic of the Headford (you can see the shattered inline) with my poor broken bubbler (made by Adam D of the now defunct Eugene Glass Alliance)and a small broken cheap bowl I kinda liked.

  7. You did I pretty damn good job piecing that back together man. I only saw the crack cause of the glue color props for that
  8. Thanks. Unfortunately the inline itself is shattered. But I was able to put the triple donut part back on.
  9. ok you should have titled this "the graveyard" though

    mini syn showerhead. 300 to buy, 120 to fix
  10. I used to have a pink bong with 2 perks and an ash catcher. Me and my friend split it about 60$ each. We kept it at his house. Turns out 3 months after we buy it he gets busted and the cops take it :(
  11. Aww man, RIP. That was a sick mini showerhead.
  12. great thread concept but so depressing haha
  13. RIP crabapple, Christ Almighty, Terry, swirls, amber, dick, Smithers and kent.

    Thats my count for this year, I'm one clumsy motherfucker.

  14. Dude, Good thing your bong survived. That would suck, buying a new bong and breaking it before you even smoked out of it.
  15. :wave: Hey guys I just wanted to show you what I got in the mail!


    I've recently had a water pipe of mine break. It was horrible. It was accidentally set down on the floor too hard and the base just shattered.


    I replaced it not so long after and I wanted to find a way to prevent accidents like that from happening again .. and I found they have this thing called

    Das Boot - made with a rugged, machine-washable and practically indestructible neoprene synthetic rubber, and it has double-stitched side seams for the ultimate in long lasting water pipe protection and insulation. Available in two logos and two colors.

    I currently have the blue one on right now and it really does protect the base of my bong really well. It has a rubber bottom so when I set it down, I know that it's not going to slide and tip over. To be honest with you, it's exactly like one of those beer holders lol. And yes, it does take away from the look of my bong but $7.99 vs having to buy a new piece, looks a lot better to me. :smoke:

  16. I personally have never broken a piece but several of mine have found the ground through other people.

    However i had one stolen the other weekend at knifepoint :(

    The only picture i have is my broken bong which we repaired :)

  17. RIP no more. repair's kinda janky looking and a bit expensive, but it works.

  18. thats pathetic dude

    oh friends have lost so many cherished pieces that were so sentimental it sucks. to name a few,
    GG (green goblin) bong
    bamboo - steam roller hella nice one too
    cool breeze - hella nice bong with tree perks + ice catch
    piff - long lost piece
    folklife- shattered from 8 ft of doom
    cherry bomb - small piece
    the bitch - small piece
    the barber shop - large piece
    baker- bubbler
    these are just the ones off the top of my head
    *rip shattered pieces*
  19. One drunk night... freshman year... broke 3 of my favorite pieces in one night. SMH... such a silly freshman...

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