RIP new bong

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ben1234, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Yesterday I bought a feuer bong from the local headshop with high hopes. Took it out when I got home to take some pics, stood it up on my bed(yes i know that was stupid). I turned around to get the camera, and as soon as I looked back I saw it hitting the ground. The beaker bottom smashed into a million pieces.

    I feel like crap now because I dropped 130 on it and i pretty much threw my money away.

    Definitely ruined the weekend.

  2. man that sucks dicks hard, i know i would be torn up if i just threw away 130
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    got a reciept? get ur money back

    EDIT: take heat to the headshop demand your money back

  4. yeah well every headshop i been too it says in the store "u break it u buy it" so i dont htink giving them shit about him breaking the bong he left the store and took all the way back to his house will get his money back

    OP, that sucks some big dick bro but u learn some lessons the hard way... this bowls for u!
  5. I've never dropped a bong that new, but I know the feeling. My condolences.

  6. ive seen a bong break that was just bought, but it wasnt my fault and it wasnt my bong :) had to deal with a whiny asshole all night cause he broke his new bong by grabbing a controller and the cord tightened and it knocked it over

    but yeah me either

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