Rip my 8 bowl

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by NCwhiteboy, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Well my shitty bowl broke to night from it having a crack in it broke inside my pocket.

  2. sucks man but hey, it was 8 bucks lol
  3. Yea fuck it still got my bubbler
  4. Yo, recently I attempted to repair a small chillum (It was relatively expensive and I fucking love the design so I saved the two pieces) I broke because I'm a fucking moron and Duro super glue works shockingly well for glass pipe repair. Just make sure you barely even squeeze the container it's in and just kind of paint it on the piece quickly without dripping it anywhere. I did that, then put the pieces together (Hold them at the ENDS, otherwise you run the risk of gluing your hands to paraphernalia lol), held them there for like thirty seconds to be extra sure, then wiped the excess off with a tissue. Some of the tissue stuck on there so I just used the rougher side of a sponge and it scrubbed off easily. Crack is barely noticeable and piece works fine :D
  5. Don't bother fixing it was 8 bucks. Probably some shitty china pipe. Just spend 20-30 and get a nice thick american pipe. It shouldn't break like the last one. But of course glass is glass it won't be unbreakable but you would be suprised how much quality glass can handle.

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