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*RIP* mini bub Shirley

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by I Love Hashley, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. :( My favorite piece is gone:eek: this was my favorite bubbler on earth, also made for a good dry piece.

    but now shes gone
  2. RIP

    How did she die?
  3. it fell over:mad: it must have been a weak spot where it broke
  4. RIP for sure.

    I had one of mine break just like that this summer when I stepped out of the car at a gas station and forgot it was in my lap. It met the cement and broke into three big pieces (including two pieces like those in the pic ^^^^) and a milion little ones.

    Sorry. man.

    Not to betray her memory, but ... you know what this means. Trip to the headshop!

    Also, check out Grasscity. They have some pretty nice things ... especially if you're wiling to spend a little more cash.
  5. RIP Shirley.
  6. yeah trip to the headshop fer sher.... i think it was best that that one broke, it would burn your eyebrows off:eek: if you were'nt carefull
  7. im sorry.... We all have are days...
  8. BTW when that happens you have a chance for great resin as well... Me and my wife clean the shiv out of out broke pipas when they brake....
  9. sucks but get something even better. get a hammer bubb they are great. trust me its fun holding one of those when you are stoned as hell..
  10. damn my bro had a piece almost exactly similar to this one

    head shop sold it to us as a bubbler steam was to short for the water but anyways

    he dropped it and it broke in the exact same spot made a hell of a resi ball
  11. It's the circle of life. Godspeed Shirley but it's also time for the new.
  12. Sucks bro, but here is what you have to do now:
    1). Go to headshop, buy a piece that will smoke just as good/better then that.
    2). Scrape resin out of that old mini bub, make a resin ball, break in new piece with the resin ball :hello:

    Happy toking. Rip Shirley

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