RIP maggie my dog

Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. I just found out my dog got hit on the highway last night....

    Its the worst fucking feeling, the only pet I've ever had, hit by a fucking truck....

    I let her out too, and now it just sucks knowing I'm never ever going to see her again, man that dog meant so much to me, this is like losing a best friend

    I can't believe this

    RIP Maggie

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  2. Oh man, I'm really sorry. This is my worst fear as a pet owner. This is why I dont like letting my pets out, lest something happen and I'll feel responsible.

    I have a cat thats pretty old, I've had her since I was a baby. I know she's going to die soon and I don't like thinking about it :(
  3. Man..that allmost brought a tear to my eye..seeing how i lost my dog about a year ago... im sorry for your loss man..
  4. Thats the trouble with pets ,they all die eventually :[
  5. damn that sucks.
    sorry about your dog.
    she would have passed away sooner or later so put the past behind you and look for tomorrow
  6. I'd just like to thank all the blades for giving me something to do besides sit around and think about how its my fault maggie is dead now.
  7. DAmn that blows man. I know how it feels to lose a first dog. :(
  8. im sorry to hear about your dog man ive got two my self and if anything were to happen to them i would cry my eyes out
  9. Oh, what a beautiful puppy, cow! I'm so, so very sorry. I was just bitching to my dog about how his gas is knocking me out and now all I want to do is hug him. I'll be a wreck when I lose my big boy and I've lost pets in the past, so I get how you feel.

    Hugs for you!!!!
  10. Maggie was a pretty sweet dog. I don't think she could ever get enough attention to make her content. When I got stoned sometimes I"d just sit there for 10 minutes and pet her.

    RIP maggie
  11. aww man :( i love dogs more than anything in the world. but maggies in doggy heaven now playing with lassie and ol yeller and all kinds of wonderful chew toys :D

    rip maggie

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