RIP Keiko the sexy whale

Discussion in 'General' started by Czar Raps-A-Lot, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. Keiko is dead! You know, Keiko! From the movie Free Willy 1! Yes, that Keiko! Bones! Graves! Skeletoons!

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  2. Have Some Respect, Eh?
  3. Obviously you've never seen Keiko in person! This killer whale is a joke! I mean, his fin was all floppy and shit! The only thing this whale is killing is me, by making me laugh at him till I die!
  4. It's sad he died. Poor, Keiko!

    The funny thing about Czar's pic is that I saw on the news last night that before he died they made him be in a parade through some town. A WHALE IN A PARADE!!!!! The pic is just like what a whale in a parade would look like. Good job, Czar. LOL! (Were you at the parade?)
  5. I was IN the parade! I walked behind Keiko and scooped up his shit!

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  6. is that jarrod from subway...???
  7. i...i think so...
  8. LMFAO!!!

    HA HA
    i'm stoned....:smoke:
  9. id like to pick up some whale shit myself....

    how many stomuks do they have......?
  10. nahh, czar just went to newport oregon where keiko lived for years before being shipped off to iceland or wherever...poor flubby flapper
  11. Hmm my opinion of free willy 1 and 2 is that those movies are shit. They were shit, are shit and they'll stay shitty for ages. But Keiko is a fun whale, too bad he died, but then again... i don't really care...
  12. i wonder if they ate him or just let him go to wast?


    i wonder the same thing

    about those know the ones.....

    two goes in and one comes out....

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