RIP Jack Herer

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    Update: Jack Herer, Emperor of Hemp, marijuana hero, critical condition

    Story's in the link. Apparently it was a heart attack.

    Note: Jack Herer is actually in Critical Condition, not dead. But, until he makes a full recovery, I say we keep the thread as a way to keep up to date on his condition. So, it is now the "How is Jack Herer doing now?" thread.
  2. An RIP thread even though the story you link to says he's alive.....uhh what

    I've heard he's alive, I've heard he's dead, I don't know

  3. You can't kill a legend.
  4. He's the Highlander
  5. Well.. it seems they updated the story between me taking the link and posting it here.. So, Get well soon Jack Herer!
  6. Delete thread - he's not dead
    That rhymed n I didnt try
    Im baked
  7. "If the man's not dead, you must delete the thread"

  8. Your a poet and you didn't even know it.

  9. LMFAO
    Thanks bro:)
  10. First Jeff Goldblum and now Jack Herer?

    It's a sad day :(

  11. Why the hell won't people stay dead these days?
  12. jeff goldblum isnt dead
  13. Mendozaaaaaaaaaa!

  14. Dude, I don't like the topic title. It's bad vibes, man. My heart sank when I read the title.
    It's misleading as fuck.

    But I'm about to smoke a bowl for the man. He did so much for the pro-marijuana movement before a lot of us, me included, were even born. The Emperor Wears No Clothes should be required reading for all smokers.

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