RIP Harley and Cinnamon

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  1. Well, yesterday, 2 of my dogs, were put down together.

    They were both great, they both came from my original house in MD, and made it through all the BS, Divorce, money problems, etc.

    They were very loyal, and very protective.

    But Cancer got Harley Davidson pretty good, he was only 9.

    And Cinnamon Bunn, was turning 14 on Dec 26th of this year.

    I will post some pictures of them later on tonight when I get off work.

    Sometimes things happen, in a fast life, that slows you down. Lets you see the more important things in life. This year, I have been rushing, and trying to make as much money as possible, and only focusing on that. I have let alot of opportunity slip, and lost alot of time, I could be fishing, or relaxing in the woods.

    RIP you two.
  2. sorry for your loss man
  3. sorry to hear that brotha. i know all to well the feeling of having your pets put down.. they are like family. if i had a bowl to smoke i would smoke it in honor of them.
  4. awww I'm so sorry to hear about that :(
    glad they both had long happy lives with you though!
  5. sorry to hear, losing friends like that is hard. At least you were doingg what was best.

    I had to leave some animals with family when I moved and they were badly treated and ran away from them. It still bothers me, feel like I let them down, you did good though. remember the good times ;)

    this bowl for Harley D and Cinnamon B
  6. I'm sorry bro.. it's got to be rough losing two dogs at the same time.
  7. I'm sorry for your loss, I don't know if there are words that can comfort, but I'm sure that they knew you loved them and miss them. Just think, they are no longer suffering, you did the best you could for them.

  8. I'm sorry to hear about that cuz..

    Pets can become a huge part of your family and life, and losing one can hurt just as much as losing a family member. Keep truckin', things will get brighter.
  9. you made me cry.

    that sucks, i'm so sorry.
  10. im sorry man, losing two companions you've had for years is hard. R.I.P
  11. Sucks man.I found my dog dead in the backyard a month ago.She was 10.
    Sorry for your loss but you did the right thing.
  12. It isn't fair our little buddies have to die in such a short lifespan. Lost one of my two dogs last year with kidney disease. Now his sister has cancer and is age 12 also. Gut wrenching shit bro. I still cry and dream about my little buddy Stubby who died. Hell I started crying just now digging up this poem.

    You have to focus on the good times. Personally I believe we'll see all our little buddies again when we die.

  13. Is it just me, or does thinking about good times with a passed loved one make it even harder?

    I almost wish I never had any good times with them that way I wouldent miss them so much.
  14. For me it hurts bad about my dogs. But I never regret the day I found them as strays walking a country road. Some bastard had dumped them and killed their mother. He probably would have done the same to them but he had ran when someone noticed him.

    Never do I regret it. Because I know I gave them the best life possible and all my love. The life they would have had without me would probably have been a miserable lonely one in a shelter.

    Your buddies appretiated all you did for them. They know you did all you could and to them their life was long. You will get another dog one day and find that love of a pet once again. The memories of your old pets will never fade but time will give you the strength to love again.
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    fuck man, i'm really sorry. i have a dog too, and i couldn't imagine loosing him, i love him more than anything. i'm actually getting a bit teary thinking about this. really sorry for your loss.
  16. That sucks man, always sucks to lose a good pet. Im going to get my mothers cat put down in about an hour, im 19 and shes even older than i am so i guess its time
  17. So so true.

    I'm sorry for your loss, I feel your pain.

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