RIP Bernie Mac

Discussion in 'General' started by sky dog, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Not my favorite comedian, but his TV show was funny and he seemed like a good guy

    Died from complications from pneumonia, apparently

  2. Holy fuck, this cant be true.

    I dont think it is official, considering nothing has been posted on, but I could be wrong.
  3. CHICAGO - Bernie Mac, the Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actor and comedian who worked his way to Hollywood success from an impoverished upbringing on Chicago's South Side, died Saturday at age 50.

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    "Actor/comedian Bernie Mac passed away this morning from complications due to pneumonia in a Chicago area hospital," his publicist, Danica Smith, said in a statement from Los Angeles.
  4. that's a bummer.. not my fav either, but a pretty funny dude and so damn young :(
  5. whoa man..i just saw him in oceans 13..RIP man
  6. People still die from pneumonia?
    RIP funnyman

  7. He was good in those movies.
  8. Holy Shit. I didn't even know he was ill.

    As other have said, he was never my favorite, but he was mildly funny, and seemed to be pretty friendly.

    Thoughts with his friends and family.
  9. He wasn't my favorite, but I was a lot more stunned about Bernie Mac than Heath Ledger. I guess I liked Bernie Mac more. Hell, now I cant watch bad santa without gettin sad. Call me sensitive, I could give a fuck. It'll make you look like an asshole.

    RIP Bernie Mac

    You will be missed
  10. Hey, I used to be sad watching Bad Santa because it was the last movie John Ritter made before he died it's just even more depressing
  11. EXACTLY MY POINT! I used to love Three's Company in my childhood. Thought It was fucking hilarious. I'd think about it all the time like damn..John Ritters really dead. Now its just gonna be a choke-up fest tryin to watch it. Well, at least Billy Bob is still kickin. I couldnt take that. Fuckin hell man, I'm still in shock about it.

    RIP Bernie:(
  12. definitely a sad day. i hate to see bernie go because he was extremely talented and was a solid man.

  13. that sucks, i wasn't his biggest fan but damn.
  14. Yeah, this sucks and took me by surprise. Totally came out of nowhere. While I wasn't one of his most die hard fans or anything I enjoyed watching him when he was on. He always made me chuckle and seemed like such a good spirited guy.

    RIP Bernie, the next one's for you.
  15. Damn . . . RIP
  16. RIP man, you were one funny motherfucker.

    it's weird how randomly these things happen... 50 years old?!
  17. That's crazy shit man. Really makes you think.. Cherish what you have while you have it and take nothing for granted.
  18. RIP big bernie mac
  19. No way! First Carlin now Mac?! WTF!

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