RIP Amberly

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by The_genius, May 11, 2010.

  1. So I had this nice little bong. Small little thing, but it hit really smooth, and to fill the bong would be a nice lung full. Not too much, not too little. So, I'm outside my apartment smoking it last night. It was 3am, and I'm like "Dang I need to take a dump" so I get up, and head the bathroom, bong in hand cause I was like...fuck, I'll toke pot on the pot. Heading to the toilette paper. No biggie, I set the bong down, grab the empty tube, throw it away, pick up the bong, turn around too quick, lose my balance, and WHAM...face straight into the doorframe. Needless to say, my hand released its grip on the bong, and I've got a concrete floor under my ancient I hear the sickening sound of something similar to a lightbulb bursting...and oddly enough, while I'm UBER bummer today. Last night all I was thinking was to clean up the glass and febreeze the spot to keep it from didn't phase me then, but now I'm wishing I had some water.

    Oddly enough it didn't break the bowl or downstem, and it was still loaded, so I emptied it into another pipe and finished my bowl. the nice little amber bubble bottom bong that aint with us no more....may you rest in pieces...
  2. sucks dude. but at least you have another pipe till you buy a new bong

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