Riots in London

Discussion in 'General' started by fadeddd, Aug 7, 2011.

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  3. It's happening... Finally people are getting sick of the shitty way we as a people are being treated by our governing systems. I knew that it would start sometime in this decade, hopefully things will start to change.

    Note though, I do not believe violence is the answer to this. There are many other ways of dealing with it, but you have got to admit riots sure get the attention that they are hoping for.
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  5. What's wrong with it? We have world class welfare states... Yeah the justice system is fucked but thats the same with every country, the punishments never fit the crime.
  6. rioting because a guy who engaged the police in a gun fight got shot. thats the funny thing about getting in a shootout, you might get shot...
  7. I say destroying businesses and causing chaos isn't a very humane way of dealing with political and social issues. But I partially agree with what you are saying. We get pissed off enough, we will take it out on others eventually.

    All said and done, it does work, that's for sure.

    Guess I'm just too diplomatic to understand it to it's full extent.
  8. From the look of things, the cab driver who was shot was just an excuse to release pre existing tensions.

    That bus is totally f**ked up
    The jerk centre, the money shop and the ex bus #Tottenham on Twitpic
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    That's the funny thing about England.

    We riot over an idiot being a complete and utter prick; yet when we are being sold out to the US over military policy and the 'Special Relationship' bullshit, or Europe over whatever it is that the Europrats feel we owe them; barely even a whisper of discontent, apart from the editorial columns of the newspaper...

    Ugh! :mad:

    Just wait to see how mad we get when the global economic crisis 2.0 affects tea shipments. Britain's gonna burn!!!
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  11. We're gonna go nuts!
  12. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.... you know the rest ;)

    I'll fight you for it.
  13. ridiculous behavior is in no way unique to England my man!
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    Honestly, Tottenham is an utter shithole, and I bet the majority of that mob didn't give 2 shits about that guy getting shot, and just wanted to fuck shit up, and they certainly succeeded...

    And also, what the fuck are you talking about, the riots weren't about politics, it was about a gangster getting shot by police. He started shooting at them when he clocked they were following him (I think he even managed to hit one), so he deserved to get shot, he was absolute scum (maybe a bit harsh but true). And all the kids in the area used it as an excuse for inexcusable public disorder. We really should have clamped down on it better, teach the youth a lesson that public disorder really shouldn't be tolerated.
  15. Just chill, buddy.:smoke:

    Life's too short for that kind of shit. But I agree you're right, I was off topic. Just trying to drift into something bigger is all. :D
  16. There probably pissed off because of kool aid That guy keeps smashing into peoples houses :mad:
  17. That Kool-Aid son of a bitch cost me over $2000 in house repairs! :mad:

    Not to mention he was drunk and fell over onto my new carpet, spilling all his red Kool-Aid blood all over it! Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to get that shit out of a carpet?:mad:
  18. Care to share?

    What on earth does a bloke with Kool Aid have to do with the Ldn riots?

    Hell, we don't even have kool aid there, never tried the stuff myself.

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