Riots Grip East Jerusalem

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aaronman, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Are Settlers Trying to Provoke Violence?

  2. Utter crap that only a rabid anti-Israeli would believe. From a kooky far leftist website no less.

    Tell me Arron, where are these article when the Palestinians are shooting, blowing up or launching artillery on the Israelis? Those aren't provocations? How about the Palestinian programming for kids that teaches them racial hatred and violence? How about the flotillas filled with armed terrorists?

    Oh wait, those Israelis deserve all that right? This article gives a clear example of why this conflict will never end without one side eliminating the other.
  3. "Tell me what can a poor boy do
    'Cept for sing for a rock 'n' roll band
    'Cause in this sleepy L.A. town
    There's just no place for a street fighting man"

    Does Palestine have a working education system like Israel? I didnt think so. Could that be from all the bombs dropped by the Israeli Air Force? Probably. This Article gives a clear example of why fighting fire with fire will never work. How about you [Israel] Invade & Occupy East Jerusalem and start rebuilding their Infrastructure? That'd make alot of Palestinians happy.
    Oh wait that'll never happen.... 'cause it's easier (And Cheaper!) to fire a gun & drop a bomb, than it is to build a house, or a school, or road.

    <Humanity Fail :rolleyes:
  4. LOL

    Yea, is soooooooooooooo left-wing.

  5. Honestly Israel has done more bad in this conflict then Palestine has ever done.
  6. Yeah! Take that Israel!
  7. Ah but that Israeli did not murder an Israeli.

    He shot a species of sub human..
    An Arab..:rolleyes:
    A non Israeli..

    One less gentile for the "Treasured People" to have to contend with..
  8. Serious question here, what should Israeli guards do when moltovs and rocks are being hurled at them? Throw rocks back?
  9. Tear gas, rubber bullets, bean bags, sonic weapons... non-lethal riot control.
  10. I thought they were using tear gas, that's how that toddler died, right?

    I think even if they were using more non-lethal means (which they should), it's not going to stop the backlash against Israel. Everybody will still hate them.
  11. This. Everybody including Aaronman :)

  12. I do believe you've got all the bases covered when it comes to Palestinian violence. I think there's a unanimous agreement here that it would be just plain rude to try and hog the spot light.

    As for whether the Israelis deserve it: When their democratically elected government insists on bombing the Palestinians into the stone age, the Israeli populous cannot expect them to not engage in biological stone age predispositions i.e. war, violence. When the Israelis take it all away from the Palestinians do they really expect them to just roll over and die?

  13. Yea I guess you're right. But do we take the Israeli position, that the child was being used a human shield, or do we take the Palestinian position, that the Israelis wouldn't allow the child to receive medical treatment. :confused_2:

    Well the recent riots started because of the man who was shot dead for throwing rocks at a car and then running away, depending on who's story you take... so the riot control isn't what started the current backlash.

    The real issue is the eviction of Palestinians from their homes so they can be demolished and made vacant for the chosen people.
  14. I got a better idea, they should kill them with kindness...Maybe hugs awww :rolleyes:
  15. Wait, how is this different than our illegal immigration problem. Should the Palestinians be giving them free healthcare? aaahahaha Zee Jews are just trying to make a better life for themselves. The Palestinians must be racist

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