Riot in my city last night!

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    well here is one of the many videos, fuckin insane! Oh course all these people where inder the influence of alcohol which is no surprise. If weed was legal and alcohol wasnt i doubt any of this would happen...

    [ame=]Fleming Drive Riot 1 - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Was there a reason for rioting or just rioting for no reason?
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    OMG so you were that guy with the phone! Holy shit i saw you! I'm the guy who pissed on the cop
  4. Awesome, hopefully you guys do it on a massive scale.
  5. I can't imagine Canadians rioting...

    All I think about is the cops using super soakers.
  6. Fucking idiots.
  7. Not really much of a reason, the partying kinda got outta control and the riot squad was sent in. Then all the kids started throwing everything they could get their hands on at the police, mostly beer bottles.

    When the police left the kids flipped over a CTV news van and set it on was chaos

    Edit: i posted news story in the OP
  8. i take it the maple leafs lost?
  9. LOL at that kid at 2:30 trying to throw that box at the cops, total fail. He thinks hes gonna look like a badass then He just turns and runs like an idiot afterwards . :laughing:
  10. ahahaha soo true that kid failed hard, and his face is all over the news
  11. The corner of Fleming Dr and Fleming Dr... Is that like the end of the universe or somethin?
  12. [quote name='"Rebel Eye"']i take it the maple leafs lost?[/quote]

  13. You call this a riot? this is a riot

    [ame=]Video of mad Canada riots: Vancouver fans run amok, set cars on fire - YouTube[/ame]
  14. This shit's messed up and disgracefull.... Rioting accomplishes nothing but fucking up their own cities. I mean it would be different when you Riot too close business down somewhere atleast then they are accomplishing something.... Drunken rioting burning up your own City's disgusting....
  15. Koreans riot.

    I saw this Korean riot on tv, dudes were throwing propane tanks on fire, or using them as giant flame throwers.

    Cops in Korea get killed all the the time from riots.

  16. Why I deny hanging out with drunks. Drinkers is fine, but drunks I stay away at all costs.
  17. yea this shit is crazy, i dont understand why these people were destroying their own neighborhood..pointless
  18. fucking idiots. cops should have been beating the shit out of those punks.
  19. i would have been if i was a cop, but that woulda caused a full blown riot. And judging on the numbers the police would have lost

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