Riot Breaks Out Near Western Illinois University April 30, 2011

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    Riot Breaks Out Near Western Illinois University | WEEK News 25 - News, Sports, Weather - Peoria, Illinois | Local

    Video on the link.








  2. So people were trying to party and the police just breaks it up? Or is there something more to the story? Why were they rioting? Was this more than just a party? Seems like there could be more than one side to this. Although using mace against unarmed students is unnecessary.
  3. The still life of that video SCREAMS police state. They literally look like soldiers ready for battle..shits scary
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    I keep telling people to arm themselves, now it seems we need something like this.


    Edit: please don't misinterpret my attempt at humor for apathy, I'll comment once I've actually watched all the videos
  5. Violence is never the first resort. Always the last, in self defense or in defense of others. That said, I agree.
  6. why do their uniforms have to be jet black? it looks like a movie, but unfortunately everything isnt props, and cost millions of tax dollars...

    now the kids extending this any longer than it should is a waste of state taxes,

    but i dont agree with the threatening image police and swat give off. the motto is protect and to serve. i dont want to stand side by side with any of those people, ever.
  7. Uhhhhhh the cops started maceing and tear gasing kids chanting USA? what the fuck man, do I have a CCW to protect myself from crackheads or cops?
  8. I live in Illinois and about 10 minutes away from Peoria :eek:!!

    That just goes to show that the police are doing nothing to keep the peace, if anything id say they were instigating it.:mad:
  9. I'm going to be very interested to see how the LRAD (or whatever it is) usage is going to be handled. At the very base of that technology it is designed as a directional weapon which simply cannot fall inline with police procedures.
  10. I love it how they just grab and take folks with video cameras.

    Each one of those stormtroopers is wearing $2000+ in ballistic armor.
    Has ballistic ammo loaded in ALL their mags for their sidearms, which they all have.
    Has been trained to assume you are the enemy.

    At one time, vids like these made my blood boil. I'd literally start sweating, my fists would instinctively clench, and my blood pressure would be all fucked up for like 13 days.

    After the years of reading, seeing, and learning about this kind of shit all over the country and the world I can only laugh. These forces have pissed off A LOT more people than they think, and it's only a matter of time.

    The dollar is about to be useless, and all the youths that have been doped up on pharmaceuticals their whole lives are beginning to realize they have been fucked over at the hands of a government that is acting according to it's own agenda.

    When people have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
  11. After viewing the video, I believe that this was supposed to be a big ass party.

    I'm guessing this party had a lot of crashers, and these people were loud, and obnoxious because they didn't care(they don't live there) so the locals call the police, once they arrive the idiots start chanting fuck the police and start throwing shit at the police.

    The people throwing shit were easy to spot they were the first ones running away
    The non violent ones that were waiting for the police to round up the undesirables were maced and beaten.

    Did I miss anything?
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    :laughing: you didnt read the article or watch the interview? It was an annual college block party. There's updates to this I just gotta find them again. In the meantime, word might be that ROTC kids started the fire to so the police would have a reason to send in SWAT! Lmao pass these videos on to everyone you know!
  13. Yeah, how dare those fucking pigs get pelted with bottles when massively outnumbered and completely unprepared! BASTARDS! Police state! marshall law! big brother!

    They're doing exactly what they're supposed to do, should do, and HAVE to do. Of course they're using mace and tear gas. They're outnumbered, what, 20 to 1? And I hate how everyone loves to try to talk about the innocent bystanders that just happen to be minding their own business in the middle of a riot. This isn't a situation that exploded in 4 seconds. Innocent bystanders already left by that point. They are RIOTERS, and they're being dealt with as such.
  14. No reason for the riot police to get called in here.
  15. That's crazy, man. Scary.
  16. Bump!!! Wake up
  17. Police in those vids looks pretty scary, but we are a much scarier force.
  18. Dude, that article was SOOO off from what actually happened in the videos.

    The article claimed that the students got a "little out of hand" when someone tried to put a bike on top of a stop sign. When you watch those videos, they started a fucking fire on someone's lawn with three or four bikes AND the stop sign.

    It wasn't just a group of three or four people, it was a large crowd around them all chanting "fuck the police" while people got crazy.

    I won't deny that they didn't need the LRAD, but you can't deny that what's in those videos isn't "just some kids blowing off steam". That shit gets you arrested within city limits. :eek:

    (Although on second thought, where were the fucking police to begin with? Are there any videos from before the riot patrol came?)
  19. Here's the deal. This was an annual block party. Been going on for years. A block party gets big, college parties get even bigger. But this is nothing new. Young twenty something kids drinking in this large of a crowd and the worst they do is burn 1 bike, some trash, and a stop sign. Does that deserve SWAT, sheriffs, local police, LRAD, dogs, Mace Cannons, riot gear?

    If the cops were looking for a riot, well, they did their best to incite one. They should be brought up on charges

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