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Discussion in 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles' started by AlcaBLOWN, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. my friend has some 20s for $500 i was thinking about buying them but worried cops might be more likely to pull me over.

    what do u guys think?
  2. u probably will be targeted more, but as long as u ride clean or have a good stash spot ur good
  3. having a badass cars draws attention to you. I learned that lesson with a large quantity of weed in my car.
  4. yea i figured that. i just wanna be riding clean ya know? i dont roll with big shit usualy no more than a oz but i always roll with it
  5. if i were u if jus invest that 500 in a new bong or something
  6. thats actually a fire deal especially if they come with tires. as for gettin pulled over fuck em.
  7. they come with brand new low pros and fit my 06 montecarlo perfect heres a pic

    as for the bong im more of a blunt smoker

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  8. after seein them...

    [ame=]YouTube - Throw Some D's Remix-Rich Boy[/ame]
  9. lol^^

    i think im gonna get them and ill just keep shit in my trunk
  10. That's why I have a Ducati 2002 Paul Smart. 0-60 in about 3 seconds. Cops always pull over motorcycles, but if you put whatever you have underneath the seat, its treated like the trunk of a car: even if arrested, without consent or a warrant specifically for that compartment of the bike, the cops can not search that component of the bike. I keep my stash in there and I don't worry about cops. Although I do occasionally speed I'm generally a pretty safe rider as motorcyclists in austin go. I'm rarely 30 over the speed limit except on empty highways.
  11. well according to ur sig u dont have a
  12. 20 is really big, I'd get something smaller if I were you it will look awkward on the car to the eyes of many
  13. Rims looks very beautiful when a car or some other vehicle passes from you.The lightning of those really wins the heart.
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    They will pull you over A LOT more often with 20 inch chrome rims.

    When I took the chrome rims off my jaguar, I went from being pulled over once a week, to not being pulled over until I put them back on (they are summer tires, so I take them off for the winter, put stock back on for the winter)

    It def. draws a lot more attention to your car from police and anyone else you pass.

    For the price though, that sounds like a great deal. I paid over 2500 for mine.
  15. i think im gonna pass this deal up i dont wanna be getting pulled over all the time and to the dude that said 20s are to big i disagree id say 24s on a CAR is to big if i had a truck id be pondering wether or not to get 28s
  16. They look rediculous and fake on most cars 17"+, and on a truck rims kindof defeat the whole purpose of buying a truck, take that shit muddin :smoking: besides if you want to actually accomplish something out of those rims better handling comes in wider rims, go up 1-2" if you want improved proformance
  17. lol nah man 17s way to small u might as well not even get any either way i decided not to buy them for fear of looking like a suspect
  18. Yeah you definatly get looks with rims, lol. Even worse appeal with tinted windows, good choice in my opinion though.
  19. I would never put anything less than 20s on a monte carlo, but thats just me. My firend just bought an 06 or 07 SS, im not sure which year but it was the last ones produced, and mounted it up on some 2s which i think are perfect for that car.

    Make sure the wheels arent bent and that the bolt pattern is right for your car. Theyre probably not from a well known brand, but 500 is cheap for some 20s if theyre in good shape.
  20. yea i know someone that has great lookin rims on a monte. they don't stick out much, but i think its because they just go really well with the car. I think they might be like 17's, but idk.

    I'm cool with rims on a car or whatever, but i don't wanna stick out too much. I'm really picky with rims/tires, they have to really fit the car. I've passed up a lot of deals like that.

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