Rihanna's Shocking Picture

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  1. Chris Brown beat this girls ass!

    This shocking photo of Rihanna, allegedly taken on the night of the incident with Chris Brown, has been leaked to the internet. The LAPD have launched a investigation on how the pictured was leaked

    News behind Rihanna's Shocking Picture

  2. didnt she cheat on him and give him herpes???

  3. No idea i think they started fighting when a girl called him on his phone when they were together?

  4. Rumor has it that Jay Z gave Rihanna herpes and she then gave it to Chris Brown.

    But if you believe the rumors then every major celebrity has herpes.

    Derek Jeter gave Jessica Alba herpes.

    Lohan,Spears,Hilton, and all them got it too.
  5. yeah unfortunately its an unhappy friday my dealers out of town and im not 21 yet so i have nothing to do

    and also if it was just because some girl called him why did she get mad that's just bull

    but if she gave him herpes i wouldn't advocate beating her but i still think what she did is worse
  6. i woulda thought shed woop chris browns ass-in my eyes he has no talent
  7. Although I will agree I hate Chris Brown, you can not say he has no talent. He's young and even at 16 could dance and sing.

  8. Lol at 16 I could have whooped his ass in singing, I was a chamber singer for my school, and went to state, and placed third in nationals competition at 16, he sucks at singing.
  9. You shouldn't hit girls.

  10. lol

    I should pay you to sing at my spot when im blazin.
  11. His "voice" is mostly effect. He can't sing that well, he can dance though.

    WOW she caught it dirty haha..I wonder why the fuck he felt it necessary to hit her like that? Fuckin' Chris Brown huh who woulda thought..he can catch it too
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  13. I spit Hot Fire!

    For everyone that knows what comedy really is

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PS-rKxwCeE&feature=related"]YouTube - I Spit Hot Fire![/ame]
  14. Sounds like herpes is the new handshake.

  15. I've also noticed that, I think he might.
  16. Or he could just browse articles on that site....
  17. I don't think he was wrong for getting pissed. I think he went over board. But last I have heard is she is tryin to see if Chris Brown is alright and is wanting to stay with him....she is just continuing the cycle.

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