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Right Wing Upset that a Muslim-American is now Miss USA

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Dickie4:20, May 17, 2010.

  1. What the fuck?

    Exposing disgusting prejudice is just being caught up in the left-right dynamic? Isn't racism/bigotry something to be condemned and if prominent representatives of a political faction all present it, doesn't that say something? You make no sense.

    Not to mention maybe you should read a little about how jihad is really presented in modern Islam (al-jihad al-akbar).
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    I was implying that I read a lot of "right wing sites" and saw no right wingers getting upset about this. Its definitely not a hot topic in the community.

    Here ya go folks, the reason for the claims that "the right" is going nuts over miss USA. Its the tired old race card, as usual. Its all part of their narrative that the right is nothing but racist, white hate mongers.

    This is also one of the ways the left manipulates the race card to create groups of unquestionable people. If you're white, you cannot question a person of color without suspicion of racist motives.

  3. ...No, you are just using the race card card.

    This girl was in a bloody bikini, went to Catholic school, and comes from a family that is clearly open minded. You think that would fly with Hezbollah, the Party of God?

    Yet because of her ethnicity and last name, PROMINENT right wingers are questioning her. It is ridiculous.

    I don't care if it was a black guy, a white dude, or what, this is ridiculous.

  4. That just isn't true.
  5. Um no. Good try though.

    Yes, yes it is. As much as you dont want it to be true, it still is.

  6. No, it is. Debbie Schlussel, Dan Pipes, and Michelle Malkin are all quite prominent.

    And once more, the accusations are entirely race based. Her family is quite accepting of other beliefs and she even professed that she thinks birth control pills should be covered by health insurance. She is clearly not Hezbollah's poster child.

    Nothing other than her ethnicity would prompt this.

  7. Trust me, you use too much logic and exhibit too much rationality for that. :D
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    Bullshit. I've never heard of two of the people you claim are "the right" and none of them have to do with race.None of them are prominent on the right by any means. None of the well known names said anything that I know of. One of them points out extremist funding behind the girl and Michelle Malkin points out her bad answers to questions and foul ups on the stage.

    Tell me, was the opposition to Carie racist too? Why is it only ever racist when the person skin tone is darker? Why is it always wacky people on the left making these claims of racism?

    Even if you were right, since when is religion a race? Can you refute the claims that the guys backing her have ties to Hezzbolah? We know these guys like that sort of thing. Remember the 9/11 bombers all loved strip clubs.
  9. I was referencing their mutual outrage over what the members of the media who oppose their views are doing and/or saying.
  10. Bullshit. You know Malkin and you know Carlson. You probably do the other two as well.

    And i would call them all pretty prominent.
  11. you guys are arguing over the word prominent? lol
  12. Dickie is.. My argument is has more substance to it.

  13. REALLY? Wow, that is fascinating. I've known of all three for at least two years now. Maybe you just don't read enough.

    Malkin didn't express any of the sentiments shared by Schlussel and Pipes, but I love how she diminished the community's celebration as simply identity politics. Of course it has nothing to do with the fact that Arab-Americans and Muslims in this country are consistently portrayed as an other and fifth column ('Barack HUSSEINNNNNN Obama', as we've seen so much of in the media), and face a huge amount of discrimination. No, it is just them being wrapped up in identity politics. Not to mention we all know she is a bigot because she is the one that famously called Rachel Ray a terrorist for wearing a keffiyeh, which she asserted was a symbol of Palestinian and Arab terrorism, despite it having a long tradition in the Middle East that predates terrorism, is worn by multiple ethnicities, cultures, and religious groups, and that she basically was making shit up. And it is racist because if you read what Pipes said, he claimed it was affirmative action and alluded to her family as being radical. As for Debbie Schlussel, well, she just spewed bigoted crap like always.

    The focus is mostly on her ethnicity, while Carrie was just criticized for being an idiot and not support gay rights, not for her French roots or Protestant background. And if people want to criticize her for that (her beliefs that she put out on national television), why not? It's Miss America, and if the people don't like what she has to say, they can voice that.

    ...Even if you were right = I can't counter that, so...

    It isn't really based on religion so much as her being Arab-American, but it really is a sort of blending considering the fact that these people are too stupid to be able to differentiate between these sorts of things. The reason I say race is because she isn't that observant of a Muslim. She espoused birth control, wore a bikini, and was in a bloody pageant! Clearly she is not the type of person that would align with Hezbollah's ideology, and she didn't seem to echo any of their beliefs in the interview. Basically, I am saying it is race because the religious bit has no merit. Of course, that doesn't mean that it isn't still bigoted based on religion, but they're just being dumb asses about it.

    Honestly I think it is easier to just say that they are just all-around bigots instead (least Pipes and Schlussel, but there is definitely an undertone to Malkin too).
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    No, it doesn't.

    First of all, you are denying that you've heard of these people. Maybe you haven't, but that is extremely shocking. Malkin is up there with Coulter, and Schlussel is quite well known too, especially from her B.O. bit during the last presidential election.

    You are saying that we are pulling the race card because they are calling her a Hezbollah supporting Muslim, when she is clearly quite secular and went to Catholic school (seriously, do you know SHIT about Hezbollah? That would get her...very badly punished. And if she walked around in that bikini in Hezbollah controlled neighborhoods of Beirut she could be killed). Their argument has no basis and it is clear that it is simply because she is Lebanese.

    Schlussel is just outrageous. First of all, her definition of taqiyyah is completely wrong. It is essentially just a part of Islam that says under persecution, it is okay to deny being a Muslim, like what hidden Christians did in Japan and what many Jews had to do in the Iberian peninsula. She completely deviated from the truth. She has no proof of any of what she says, and NOTHING Rima said supported Hezbollah at all. She criticizes her for participating in a women's forum on Islam- WHAT THE FUCK? Nothing radical was spoken about, it was just an open discussion on issues, like wearing the hijab, intermarriage - things that are discussed ALL THE TIME (at least, similar analogues) within the Jewish community. Because Hezbollah television featured her she is affiliated with them? Hezbollah has a huge presence in Lebanon, and she is a Lebanese American in a prominent pageant, why wouldn't she be featured? It's the same as when Barack Obama was running- there was a huge buzz over this in Kenya.

    You think your argument has more substance? After 9/11, were white people attacked and demonized in the media? No, Arab-Americans, Muslims in America, those were the groups who were hit and still are stigmatized in society (you want to deny this? Look at all the hype of Barack being a Muslim, of HUSSEIN Obama, etc etc etc). Clearly, the girl's views are directly against Hezbollah's platform and she hasn't expressed or done anything that would lead one to affiliate her with them. That is why we say this is about race and religion. The reason that we didn't say anything about Carrie being white is because a) nobody mentioned her ethnicity or religion and b) French Americans and Christians (whatever denomination she is) are considered part of mainstream white American culture and simply face no discrimination. I'm sorry, but I've never heard 'get the fuck out of this country, frog!' or have seen anyone physically attacked in the United States for being Christian.

    Your argument is bullshit.

    EDIT: Said Hamas instead of Hezbollah.

  15. So... you haven't read the articles that show her connection to these terrorist organizations?

    Multiple long multiple paragraph posts, but you can't bring yourself to read the linked articles?

    Not very impressive.
  16. What the hell? Muslim-American? That's the most fucking retarded label I've seen put on a person.

    Don't give a shit. You can be green american and win the damn thing..
    My coworker's sister is miss arizona :)

  17. No, I did read them.

    Schlussel is the one that asserted ties to Hezbollah (you are wrong in saying organizations, only Hezbollah was claimed to be tied to her, so maybe you haven't read). She offered virtually no substantial ties. No proof. She cited 'intelligence sources'. That simply isn't credible, especially when she clearly has an agenda to be advanced. Dronetek doesn't know who Schlussel is, which is strange, but mostly she is a right wing figure that devotes herself to denouncing Muslims and Islam.

    She said she was affiliated due to family members, when there is no way of knowing that they are even related. You can't even find these people, I tried. Fakih/Faqih is also a very common family name, I know three in my own hometown. There simply is no proof or credible links between her and Hezbollah, and her actions and the actions of her family all suggest that she is a perfectly normal American girl that is being attacked for her nationality and religion (despite the fact that everything we KNOW about her suggests that she is completely incompatible with Hezbollah).

  18. Hey, instead of me continuing going on, how about you present the evidence for these claims?

    Help out your girl Debbie and prove the lib wrong! I've already said all there is for my point, but nobody here has really done so much for the other side, the one you appear to support. So have it, can you prove these links?
  19. Maybe if you repeat the "no proof" lie longer enough you'll start to believe it yourself?

  20. White people are attacked every single day as snarling, racist beats. You cant criticize this president without charges of racism, simply for being white.

    Show me a single race based statement made by anyone.

    Actually she was:

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