Right Wing Upset that a Muslim-American is now Miss USA

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    So last night Miss Michigan Rima Fakih was crowned the 2010 Miss USA. She comes from the very large Arab American community of Dearborn, Michigan. She is Lebanese American and is the first Muslim American to win the Miss USA title.

    She beat Miss Oklahoma who thought the new law in Arizona was "perfectly fine" when asked by one of the judges.

    Just like when Carrie Prejean lost the Miss USA contest in '09, the right went nuts alleging a liberal bias.

    Everyone from Debbie Schlussel to crazy-eyes Michelle Malkin, Dan Pipes to Gretchen Carlson.

    Now i get it, this is just on big conspiracy by Obama to appease Muslims.:rolleyes:

    “This is the real face of Arab Americans, not the stereotypes you hear about,” said Fakih supporter and Arab American Zouheir Alawieh following her win. “We have culture. We have beauty. We have history, and today we made history. She believed in her dreams.”

    Its also worth noting that Fakih attended a Catholic High school and she told the pagent judges that her family celebrates both Christian and Muslim faiths.

    Rightwingers; falling deeper and deeper into the depths of depravity.
  2. I think in this situation that no matter who wins, they're all losers.

    How anyone can take the Miss America pageant seriously is far beyond me.
  3. In other news, Leftwingers continue to play the game.
  4. The game of calling out these vermin scum. It seems to never stop.

  5. Of calling out prejudice?
    Yeah, I think that's a pretty good game to play if there is one.
  6. You bring a very good point, as usual, Professor.

    I mean, what exactly is the point in debating anything beyond makeup and hairstyle tips at a beauty pageant? It's a damn contest to see who looks the best wearing skimpy clothing. You can try and pass it off as a damn "scholarship pageant" or whatever the hell they're trying to present it as these days, but we all know damn well Hugh Hefner isn't still in business today because of the articles, and neither is this.
  7. Erm...

    You might find it helpful to read the criticism about her selection. A lot of it is pretty significant. Michelle Malkin raises very valid points. If Sarah Palin said such things, the media would go bonkers.

    Is she smoking hot? Yeah, definetly. But the pagent is supposed to be about more than hawtness.

    Carrie Prejaen, a Christian, was asked about gay marriage. She gave her position, the same as Obama's position, and the left tried to destroy her.

    Shall we ask this young islamic woman her position on gay marriage? Can we ask her to please condemn Hizb'Allah, the militia that controls the part of Lebanon she is from?

    If she gave the Islamic answer, the left would try to destroy her and she would have lost. If she gave the politically correct leftist answer, she could never go back home due to a serious risk of an 'honor killing.'
  8. Hint: Without you they wouldn't have a job.

    Uhh, which prejudice? Both sides are calling out prejudices that are constructed by the other side.

    To the right wing you're just a bunch of politically correct racist imbeciles, and to the left wing the right is a bunch of ignorant racist bigots. Keep it up.
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    It seems the left and right will clash at every opportunity that they find suitable, which is every opportunity that presents itself.
    Do you think the percipients are even aware of politics at this point? Does the winner have any concern over these issues?

    I really, really doubt it.

    "This isn't a victory for me, America. This is a victory for left-wingers and muslims alike!"

    This is a beauty pageant. If there's any alarming issues here, I assure you that it's certainly nothing associated with religion or politics; It's the fact that we're degrading these women to meat, and judging by those correlating standards. If she's skinny, if her tits are just perky enough, if her hair is smooth as silk, etc etc...
    It's like watching that tempting, young stripper in a bar. Sure it's a pleasure for the eyes, but you wouldn't give two shits about her as a human being. Of course, that's just my outlook and it's besides the point. It's still that said act of judging meat we're focusing on, which frankly has nothing to do with religion or politics. When you compare brands of cereal in the supermarket, do you bring in the political aspects and the cereals morals into account?

    Even so, let's say by some chance that this pageant was somehow rigged.
    Is this still a significant blow to republicans, or Christians?

    I would certainly hope not. Personally, I couldn't care less about the winner.

    I couldn't care less if the winner was some extreme satanist and psychopathic bitch; this woman doesn't represent America. This woman doesn't represent a damn thing, except beauty.

    Like I said no matter who wins, they're all losers in my books.
  10. Ok there bud.;)

    At least add Dronetek's name if your gonna say something so puerile.
  11. except for silly things like bombing/occupying countries and devaluing currency.. then it's "bipartisanship" all day and night..

    sorry to go off topic.. please continue this important debate.
  12. Dude do you not get what he's saying. Your insinuating than anyone who agree's with the Right wing (conservatives) also thinks Miss America shouldn't be muslim. By extension all right wingers are racists.

    A more accurate way to express the ideas in this thread would be some douchebags in the media drummed up some controversy to get ratings. Who fucking cares this is irrellivant to real political disscussion.
  13. Im not insinuating anything.

    The righties are going nuts over this.

    Why would i think all rightwingers are racist? I think your projecting.

    If you dont fucking care then why did you post? I never see you say that in a "OMG the Liberalz are commies in MSM" thread.
  14. Uh, no a beauty pageant is supposed to be about "hawtness"...That's about it.

    Politics and Religion in a beauty pageant has about as much relevance as holy water at a porn convention. The only thing it breeds is discussions like this thread. I would like it a whole lot better if you just kept it to favorite foods or some other relatively benign shit that doesn't get people all fired up. I can't recall arguing with any of my friends after reading about a Playmates likes and dislikes.

    And "Scholarship pageant" my ass...When was the last time anyone else stripped down to a bikini to get a college grant?

  15. I don't give fuck what the media is saying. Debating real political and econmic issues is fun though. Thats what I'm saying: I don't care that some douches in the media said something, regardless of political affiliation. If this thread said left wing instead of right wing I still would have the same opinion.

    So you saying I think all left wingers are racist? I don't think so, some have been brainwashed to think only white people can be racist though.

    Who exactly is a righty? Republicans, Conservatives?

    Citizens who are christian social conservatives probably are freaking out and some republicans who constitutuents are mostly social conservatives will also have to act like they care to pander for votes.

  16. Ok well good for you. I do care what people who make a living saying batshit crazy things say i.e. Limbaugh, Savage, Malkin, Boortz, Coulter, Billo, Hannity, etc.

    These people need to be called out for what they are, other than being complete goons.

  17. ^

    Drontek of the Left.:hello:

    I agree with you bud don't worry. Who cares if Miss America is a muslim? As long as she's not leading a jihad she's just fine.
  18. The "right" is hardly going nuts about this. Your thread and another are the first I've heard about it. Ironically, both threads were the same basic title. That must be the talking point going out, "say right wingers are going nuts over it".
  19. agreed
  20. That's funny because I can't recall how many hot scoops you've broken in here that got no media play

    But then I guess that's just bias and not because there's no real story there

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