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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by wizz587, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. okay my seedlings are less than 5 days old and about 2 inches my ? is what temp range should the room be mine our in the basement witch ranges between 54 and 61 all day and night and i do have them on a seedling heat pad and under 2 32 watt flouro tubes and if my temp ranges are a bit to low how will it affect them
  2. aslong it dont hit 40 is ok... since the temp is low, u should check for fungus on the walls... bad for breathing, and bad for the plants aswell..
  3. okay another ? i have is the first 2 leaves that sprouted seem to wilt a little i dont know if this is normal i tried to attach a picture but for some reason 1 picture has too many kb for the attachment but i will try to explain more i germinted them in grow plugs and when the root started coming out of botom i put them in 2 inch hydrocups with hydroton in it with about a inch or 2 of water with a bubbler stone in the water will transfer soon to a bubble jug system 10 seeds total all germinated (kali mist X big bud)also explain someone please why 1 picture is too big of an attachment thanks to all learning alot
  4. well my situation is much like yours growing in a cold basement and my plants are just under 5 days and the same height, but i do know that you cant have pictures over 100kb, trying cutting it down in paint and make sure it is a file type that the forum accepts

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