Right place to grow with no other soil?

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  1. ok so i have this spot on my 6 acres of land that has a creek running down it so i was thinking of a future grow op next season.

    the creek has foam at some parts of it, mainly the bends and dams but not just randomly floating about. so idk if the water from there would be a good source. also the humidity might be an issue. the area i kind of swampy but dry in some areas.

    idk if anyone can help me on this but would this be a good spot for next season?

    my projected spot has:
    • Soft sand like dirt
    • lots of plant life
    • bugs (damn)
    • creek with clear water

    Things to know:
    • havent tested Ph of water
    • dont know if water in stream is clean or not
    • should i dig holes and put a soil mix in or just clear an area and transplant from indoor to outdoor

    Also. is it possible to dry outdoors? im leaning towards not bringing into my house until its in jars.

    THANKS GC!!!
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    If humidity is an issue, I would not attempt to dry it outdoors... Also, you might choose a sativa dom. strain to avoid mould issues, such as durban poison (or dp x skunk), nirvana's pure power plant, kc33, or maybe some sort of early maturing mexican (heard good things about sativa Seedbank's sativa mexicana (now eldorado) and reeferman's blackseed...)

    Edit: Also, I would at least lightly amend the soil. If it is poor quality soil, you can dig out a hole for the plant to grow in, and refill it with a better soil mix. You can even use mostly the dirt that was already there, and add things like peat moss, dolomite lime, sand or perlite (drainage is important), and compost (or earthworm castings, or both...) or manure (cow/horse/steer/chicken etc...). You can then leave it until next season to break down, till the soil, and decide if you want to add anything last minute or use it as is.

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