right lights?

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  1. hey ppl im pretty new here i got nine plants growin right now im only into third week their approximatley 10 inches i have about 10 cool whites approx 4 inches from plants but it seems like their not geeting enough light they are starting to slow down alil seems like they are not doing ne thing but look good is this the lights i have set up ne answers appreciated i just want babies to grow
  2. If your using flower's lower them about an inch off the top but don't let them touch. Flour's don't give of tremendous amounts of heat. How big is your room? do you have ventilation? what medium are u using? U have to give a more accurate description if you want to get more accurate answers. Peace out Crocodile
  3. ok someone told me certain types of light do certain things like red light makes the stems thicker and I cant remember the other types but is this true

  4. Yes ,,,lower them 1-2 inches from top of plant. Replace 5 of the cool white tubes with warm white,alternate every other tube.This will give you a better color spectrum when growing with flourescents. You should see improvement..


  5. Light color frequency can manipulate growth charactaristics.


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