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    Over the summer I bought a bong, i was tired of my little pipe and began to smoke alot more often. As I began to use the bong and picked up more higher quality stuff my tolerance began to sky rocket not to mention i was blowing through weed. This is also the beggining of me smoking basically daily around twice a day. The bong was a syn with a perc, beaker bottom and ice catcher. I am a senior in HS and only my mom knows I smoke, not my dad because he would be furious if he knew. I have enjoyed the bong over the summer but it is pretty big and it is quite a hassle to clean and get in/out of the house discreetly. I have also recently been getting sick of the high I am getting from the bong. I get very tired due and sluggish. I do not have access to MMJ so i mostly get indicas. School starts soon and I plan on wake and baking. I think waking and baking with a bong would be terrible for me considering I have a hard time getting up in the morning. I also plan on really locking down and doing well in school this year. I also dislike the indica high due to the fact that i am a bit overweight and im trying to lose weight. Indicas just give me no motivation and the munchies. So ive been considering getting a vape, specifically a MFLB. Now I was ripping the bong with a very good friend of mine, who happens to be leaving for college soon. I expressed my interest in it and he proposed buying me a new MFLB and giving me his acrylic bong for my glass syn. I was wondering if this sounds like a good vape for my situation?
  2. Ayudar por favor
  3. Sounds like a great vape for your situation.
  4. Once again, it sounds like a good vape for your situation.
  5. tell him to buy you an extreme q on ebay instead and he can just keep the acylic bong. theyre around the same price anyway
  6. If u wanna wake and bake AT HOME before school, fuck the MFLB. U want a quality desktop vape that will really fuck u up like Da Buddah or Arizer Extreme q
  7. Well i need it to be portable as well because I longboard quite a bit
  8. And I want the acrylic bong as well. It's decent
  9. Dnt bother wit the mflb get a eq... and use it when u are able rather than using sub standard kit all off the time... not that its shit but its a addition not a exclusive form of vaping imo i own both......

    Hope this helps

    If not fuck you :)
  10. Do you guys carry your EQ around? How is he supposed to vape on his longboard with the EQ? Tape a shit ton of batteries together on the bottom?

    If you want a nice portable vape, get an Arizer (same company as EQ) Solo. It's far superior vape to the MFLB. Its a little larger like the same size as a Red Bull can, but it hits like my SSV. But they make an attachment now so you can drop it and smoke it from a McDonald's cup so people think you are drinking soda.

    You can get it shipped for $155 on Amazon. Which pisses me off because mine was $230.

    A MLFB goes for $125 in shops and it's an extra $50 for the wall adapter which makes it work better without being annoying using the batteries.
  11. Although I agree with the Solo being more powerful, the MFLB can be had for around $75. You don't have to pay the premium for it. Just some input.
  12. Honestly dude a vape is gonna put you more to sleep than a bong would. I smoke my bong all day everyday usually starting around 630am before work and I do just fine getting thru my day
  13. But I've always heard that vape is a more energetic high
  14. Dude I rarely even use my bong anymore. The last time I did I was on unmentionables.

    It wastes so much weed and ruins your tolerance.

    I vape daily and I always get high from 1 bowl. That's .2 g.

    Bongs get you stupid high until you get used to it. At first you get sleepy but if you're over that then you're fine. It's mostly your weed and the cannabinoids ratio that will affect sleep. Sativa/Indica.

    Vapes are a heady high. Kind of a clear head high without the fog or body effect.

    I find it similar to BHO dabs.

    And for the record $75 for a nice perc'd bong swap is bullshit. Though the other dude said it can go for $75 that's just saving your buddy money from giving you that pipes worth.
  15. True, I was just pointing it out.
  16. Yeah. A good old American upcharged ;)

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    Yea mate tape shit loads of batterys together fucking ass hole. Yea they make a atachment its called a straw u cock sucker. Buy the mflb adapter and hang ur self from the stairs....

    Name calling isn't allowed at this forum. Thank you
  18. Reported the name calling for general purposes. Next time don't soak your tampon fuse in gasoline.

    Change your attitude if you want to get anywhere around here. ;)

    It's NOT called a straw, it's a glass piece that is the bowl that then attaches to the straw. Shows how much you even know what you're talking about :rolleyes:

    Go pull out your Vapor Genie and acrylic bongs and mellow out in the breeze on the way down off your high horse. :smoke:
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    Report me oooooo.... tell my mum why your at it.. fucking jobsworth

    Name calling isn't allowed at this forum. Thank you

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