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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by tednugent, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. There is no such thing as "right" and there is no such thing as "wrong". Any concept of right and wrong we have was developed over the course of civilization's evolution. What we see as right is merely that which enables the expansion of the human race. Any rules we have were deeveloped during eons of discovery. Murder was the first thing acknowledged as wrong, and only because it cuts out a link in the chain that is humanity. The loss of one life makes the rest of our lives that much harder to live. All this means is that morality is simply doing that which is good for humanity. Anything acknowledged as wrong was first called wrong by some great visionary who saw that doing that act made life harder on the rest of us. The Bible is just a compressed version of lessons learned through hard living by those who came before us. There is one guiding principle behind it all--humanity is meant to spreadlike the plague. We are meant to colonize new and interesting places, including extr-terrestrial areas. We are meant to buld on the moon, we are meant to build on Mars, and we are meant to colonize any place that can possibly support human life. Our society should be making a huge push towards the realization of these dreams. Yet nobody cares. People look at the sky, at the stars, and it all seems unreachable. This is not as it should be. We should be wandering our solar system, not sitting here on Earth, idly twitching our thumbs and causing all sorts of strife between us. We are meant to follow our guiding principle, not to sit still and be content with our own little, minute, speck of the universe. All government spending that goes towards defense should be used for expansion. And not just in the U.S.. As soon as humanity realizes this, we will do that thing that is the closest to "right" as possible. We will expand, and we will learn about ourselves, our universe, and how the two are tied together.
    Just a non-stoned rant about what I feel we should be doing.
  2. ever see The Matrix? the one guy's description of the human race was probably the best i've heard yet. we're a plague. we spread from one area to another until all the natural resources are used up, then we move on to the next. we're the cancer of this planet. if you doubt this, just take a look at life before and after the first industrial revolution.
  3. There is no wrong or right, you are correct, but there is good and bad.
  4. there is no good or bad either. there is just us, humans. we, as other animals, react first on instinct and second on rationality.

    the concept of right / good and wrong /evil is merely the rationality of rules that seek to contain our instincts, promoting rationality.

    it is wrong to murder, coz' you do not yourself want to be murdered. this does not prevent murders though. people in rage, or worse, in cunning, murder all the time.

    we punish those, making an example that instinctual behaviour goes against the common good.

    the common good should be read as common safety. what we all want. safety from lies, killings, thieves etc.
  5. Good/bad and right/wrong are incarnated concepts of humans. We determine what we deem the most productive and helpful to society - but unfortunately, (as I see it), the ones making these decisions only represent a fraction of society. As a whole, we do not choose what is correct. We leave that in the hands of a select few, who all too often make the "wrong" decisions; eg. illegal drugs/prostitution. These select few rely on instinct and would rather control than tolerate.
  6. ~~~~im all about living in the gray~~~~
  7. I was thinking about that spreading of humankind and started thinking this thing I heard about some people trying to get the mammoths back in siber I've read couple of books about mammoths and they need quite a lot of space around them 'cos they wander from place to place all the time. I started thinking is there enough space in Siber for mammtohs? and the answer is no. Wich is quite scary, think about it humans are everywhere!!!!!! aaaaargjh????? maybe space is the answer? or maybe not. there's too much of us packed too tight in huge cities etc.
  8. Very confusing topic. Rationallity versus nature. Ha! this is fun!:)
  9. Man, we need a huge push for more space exploration. We need to send a myriad of missions to Mars. We need to return to the Moon to claim our land. We need to mine the asteroid belt for water and needed materials. We need a dozen more space telescopes, each bigger and better than Hubble. Space stations, moon bases...fucking right. This is our future. We should rush to it, not drag our heels. Get the entire world's attention off of individual struggles and on to the great accomplishments of mankind. We must rise and take our place in the heavens. Colonize the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Go to Uranus. Build telescops at the farthest ranges of our universe. Use the resources floating around between Mars and Jupiter to build huge herd-ships, capable of supporting thousands of people for decades, if not hundreds of years. We need to do what we do best, make ourselves forget past struggles and push, push, push into the future. Expand our scope, expand our borders, and expand our minds. This should be the rallying cry of humanity. We should strain at the Earthly restraints that hold us back. We should travel for millions of miles, able to claim all of it in the sweet name of humanity. We really are magnificent creatures. We should revel in out technological rennaisance. Utilize our computers and our machines for the greatest goal imaginable. To reach out, to sit in the heavens and look upon this little blue-green rock we call home. Why the hell aren't we on the moon? What went wrong? The Soviet Union quit, so now we don't have to pursue the gretest of goals. We don't have to waste the money. Nobody is looking for us to improve humanities' lot, so we don't. Anybody else see anything wrong with that? Come on people. Get this fucking space party started.
    That was a rant and a half, if I dare say. But I believe it, every word.
  10. soooo off topic that it's in outer space man, but hell. i agree. let's get on the spacewagon again. going orbits around earth like we do now will only make you dizzy :)
  11. Well maybe the humans aren't ready for space yet. Before we can accomplish anything meaningfull in space trave l and harvesting asteroids for minerals etc. we need to get our heads out of our asses and realise that we're all the same race, not spend our time fighting over who's the biggest and the best. And we need to stop making firearms bombs all kinds of military action should be stopped imagine what we could with the money that is spended in weapons that have only one maning to kill. Maybe Vonnegut was right and we really hate life. but it isn't that suprising that we aren't in the space yet we're still a young species but think aobut how fast things are evolving. But on the other side we should learn how to controll this planet and how to make it last before we go and infect another planet.
  12. We should master space and have a large amount of the population leave Earth, allowing for many more wildlife preserves and forests. If we start the push, in the name not of America, nor of any other worthy candidate, but of humanity, the momentum just might allow people to see something great and overcome the trivialities of everyday life. A slogan like "space ships in place of split lips" would be fitting. If we force people to stay together, not in a cramped little spaceship, but a vast space-city, for decades, they will eventually have to learn to get along. "Earth is a long way from here" they might say "what matters it now, and here?" They will see what we achieve, working together, and will be stunned into forgetting the past. There will be a few who resist, but they will eventually be brought into the fold.

  13. not the human race.. the white race

    btw im white so no kkk fucks come to my house and beat me down.. but its true, the white man has fucked over the world so much its hard to imagine what the world would be like without us... peaceful, maybe?
  14. i dunno about you, i'm proud to be white...what's wrong with that?
    i'm not racist, i don't hate other races or religions, but i'm proud of my skin colour and i'm proud of who i am...so eat me whoever thinks i should feel sorry for the rest of the world!
  15. if you dont wanna believe any of it, fine, but you are saying that the whole structure of our society is wrong. but hey, im not here to argue with you, your opinion is enlightening. i'd rather refer to the zen buddhist line of thinking. they think that nothing really exists, its just your perception of what exists. everyone you know, everything you see, its not real. its just what your mind produces because it cant take in everything at once. in fact this post doesnt actually exist, its just your perception of what a post should be
  16. whoa man...crazy :)

    i'm trippin and i read that, nice :)
  17. how to get our heads outta our collective asses 101.

    go to space.

    that's the simple explanation.

    it is this very quest that would bring us together to realise we are all the same race... perhaps broaden a few peoples horizons to even realise that we are of the same gene pool as ALL life on earth.

    some in the past have said that nothing unites the clans like a common enemy... i'd like to bring that up to date into the 21st century and say that its not the common enemy that unites the clans... its the goal of defeating that enemy. so with that in mind....

    Nothing unites the people like a common goal.

    what better, forever uniting goal can there be, than SPACE!^
  18. i agree with what baxter said...there is no right and wrong but there is good and evil. i disagree with the theory that man is the plauge of this earth though i have to admit that that would be a convinient way of looking at things. but we should refuse that notion simply because there is just too much good in this world for that to ever be true. take a look at someone you care about or someone that cares about you...that right there just could'nt be some mistake or an accidental by-product of nature could it?
  19. uh... am i the only one who sees the irony and the contradiction in aurora's last post there?
    i see what your saying tho.

    anyways... onto what i was gonna say....

    i made a shades of grey poll once... cant remember where, but it was quite on topic. i should realy go looksee.

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