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RIGGED ELECTIONS: Hidden Purging of Millions of Voters

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by svedka, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Sorry to hear that... drop memory and just BE...
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  2. "ish"? Also "common sense" in an insane dumbed down corporate state "society" sn't worth a hell of a lot is it? Certainly won't free ones ass from the mass culture... lol
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  3. I know where you're coming from, but I believe if anyone takes a political side dem, lib, or rep you've already lost the argument.. Politics are for crooks.. No matter who you back
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  4. Agree 100%... i'm not a politician nor do i support or back any currently... when i see that there is a huge disproportional imbalance (extreme left, right, lib, green, etc. ) it sparks something in me call it a sense of fairness or equality perhaps... i'm not rich by US standards but am quite comfortable no need to work and not living on welfare but what i've put into the system having slaved 3 decades for huge corporations... not proud of that shit either by any means...

    I do appreciate those with character and equal or more intelligence than mine and who can speak and lead in an articulate manner, something i don't see we have currently to say the least... lol Chris Hedges is one of a handful i respect but the number is growing as i drill down into the deep corp. state a bit more each day....
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  5. E8E28377-B8DD-4D8B-8417-A9C1AEC6E6FC.jpeg
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  6. I Googled John Lear and read about the conspiracy theories the "dark side" support. What a bunch of crackpots
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  7. Hillary Clinton literally rigged the DNC election to nominate her AND rigged the DNC financial campaign.

    Hillary's antics got exposed by Wikileaks; this is partly why Trump won the election. The other half of his victory is that he allegedly used robot accounts on social media to garner a popular and positive response that people saw and wanted to be apart of.

    Public perception and social media are, separately, two very powerful forces in our society, but both being utilised together is rivaling the effectiveness of the nuclear bomb in warfare; it's just the pinnacle of innovation being used effectively.

    I believe these are the reasons Trump won and I find these reasons far more tangible than "The election was rigged"

    Technically, using public perception and social media, Trump did rig the election, but that rigging had nothing to do with the election itself, but rather, the people participating in it.

    Sent from my shithole using my fuckface
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  8. @Moemedical
    Troll? or just no creativity? Perhaps a would be comic?
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  9. Perhaps someone could find a better past time than assuming after taking he has the gift of assuming correctly... perhaps... Also suggest this same someone send more PM's and less trolling in threads with assigned (not assumed) topics... that or make use of the IGNORE feature if said someone is tempted to troll...

    just saying...
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  10. Based on observations not only from trolls on this board but the fact so many are in denial about corruption in politics (both parties) as well as election interference (both parties) i say there isn't a hell of a lot of common sense in an insane society which we find ourselves currently in...

    if one relies on "common sense" to debunk something that makes perfect sense then perhaps one has been conditioned to believe that common is natural and has validity..

    are you (we) sheeple or individuals (people)?
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  11. Well i agree with 90% of your comment but for decades the GOP has gone out of their way to make it more and more difficult for ppl of color to vote... plenty of documentation out there on this not just as mentioned on the subject video... there is no reason to assume that this Kris Kobach mentioned on the video did not set this up... have you researched his dirty laundry? perhaps i will start a topic on this a-hole next... talk abut conspiracy theorists he is at the top along with tRUMP & his supporters.. YES his supporters who were conned by the con...

    Never mind a new topic on this pos... maybe later, but for now, consider this from Wikipedia ... as if everyone has access to their birth certificate or proof of citizenship... why are us whites never asked to show proof???

    Proof of citizenship requirement laws

    From 2013-15, more than 36,000 Kansas residents (14% of those trying to register to vote) were placed on a suspense list because they failed to meet the proof of citizenship requirements that had been introduced in a 2013 law. Kobach justified the law, saying that it stopped what he described as the rampant problem of non-citizens voting; Reuters noted that "there is little evidence" of non-citizen voting being a problem.[109] A federal judge ordered Kobach to register more than 18,000 voters kept off the rolls by the proof of citizenship law; in her ruling, she wrote, "The court cannot find that the state's interest in preventing non-citizens from voting in Kansas outweighs the risk of disenfranchising thousands of qualified voters".[109] The judge noted that there was only evidence of three non-citizens in Kansas voting between 2003 and 2013.[109]

    A Reuters analysis of the individuals on a suspense list found that "more than 60 percent were age 25 or under. They were clustered in the high-population areas of Wichita, Topeka and the Kansas City suburbs, and the college towns of Lawrence and Manhattan."[109] 41 percent were unaffiliated, 35 percent registered as Democrats and 23 percent as Republicans. Reuters noted that the proof of citizenship requirement "has created a chaotic two-tier system where some Kansans can vote in state elections and some cannot, some need to provide proof of citizenship and others do not, and many county election officials are uncertain how to proceed."[109]
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  12. 632364EC-0120-4570-8F4D-B0D99ABC331D.jpeg


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  13. At least for those over 18... get back to your video games kid... lmao
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  16. #59 STIGGY, Dec 9, 2017
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2017
    So you are still at war with America
    That's funny American Tax dollars rebuilt your Country after A Mad man destroyed it.
    Not to mention the millions of lives that were also taken
    god rest their souls on all parts.
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  17. I'm not at war with America. There's a lot wrong in the world and I'm doing my best to make fun of it.

    Oh wait maybe you meant all of Germany. Merkel would suck trumps dick in the name of transatlantic trade we are certainly not at war against the us.
    How should that even work? Our army is little more than a place to have your homo erotic fantasies come true.
    Half the equipment falls apart. The other half explodes.

    Fuck war
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