RIdlle me this

Discussion in 'General' started by Simmerten, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Not really a riddle but.......

    what if you had the technology to keep a brain alive separated from the body, like in some sort of liquid. What if you could wake the brain. because basically all you are is the conscious of your brain. so imagine your brain awake but your not connected to anything, no eyes, ears, no body. Just you and your thoughts.

    does that make sense or am too high
  2. You guys should play the Xenosaga games on PS2.

    Complete mindfuck, would try to explain it a bit, but it's way to deep and fucked up to explain with only a few paragraphs.:eek:
  3. god i hate philosophy
  4. Sounds like futuramas head in a jar

  5. Hmm, contradictory.:p
  6. Not high enough. Take a hefty dose my friend. If you go far enough you might disappear all together. Don't worry though, you won't be able to worry when there is no you. It's all good though you'll come back. Slightly changed maybe. For the better.

  7. maybe thats why i failed it last semester and gotta retake it :confused:
  8. i feel like it would be a horrible kind of insanity. especially if you were aware of your life as full human. if you didn't have knowledge of life as a human, i think the feeling s of consciousness would be like when you read a book and drift off but some how find yourself three paragraphs down or how you feel when you stare long and deeply. i feel that's fairly accurate.

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