Riding a motorcycle high

Discussion in 'General' started by Jimi001, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. I'm going to buy a bike soon and it's going to be my main source of transportation and I won't have a car, 80% of the time i'm driving i'm high so what is it like to be high while you're riding? Does it help at all?
  2. It feels like you're going twice as fast.
  3. i hate to bust on another member but WHAT A STUPID FUCKING IDEA!!! ill admit ive done it before and its dangerous and scary as hell. i aint gonna lie it is terribly fun but ohh so dumb. i rode high a few times but wont be doing it again.
  4. Using a motorcycle as your daily transportation is a terribly, terribly bad idea. My dad is fucked up and down from motorcycle wrecks in the past. And really, its not your skill as a rider, its the other drivers out there. People just don't see you. You're small and only have one headlight. And on a motorcycle, you're much less likely to have a second chance to fuck up.
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  5. I ride my 650 dirtbike high all the time and really don't notice anything different than when I ride sober. I don't ride any better but I also don't ride any worse. I really don't think it's dangerous at all, if anything I'm more careful. I've gotten into several accidents on my bike when sober but never when I was high. It's just like driving a car while high, but only slightly more dangerous because you're on a bike.

    What do you find so scary about riding high JohnnyWeedSeed?
  6. Lets just say I would not ever try motorcycling stoned.
  7. I don't even like riding sober. Driving? High?

  8. in reply to northern- i find riding high scary because to me if im only riding at 30 mph it feels like im hauling soooo much more ass than that so when i get up to 50 or so i feel like im doing break neck speeds and that coupled with the proven FACT (i dont care what anyone says, it is a fact) that smoking reduces your reflex time and impairs fast thinking and actions if an animal or car or somthin suddenly gets infront of you... well, your fucked! not many people just get up and walk away from a bike wreck. i did once cus i was lucky. i wont tempt fate again.
  9. bringing this thread back up from the dead!

    I like smoking then going out for a ride. I don't get crazy high, but just a nice buzz will do when im on the bike. It makes me much more relax and aware of what the bike is doing and whats going on around me.
  10. Same as above, sept on a bicycle. Through city and urban mtb'ing. Riding high is amazing. But there's a limit to how stoned one can be.

    I once lived on my bike high clocking in 10-12hrs a week. Through city and trail. And never had a problem being stoned. Made me focus on everything sept for the front. Which comes in handy reading a crowd when you going through...

    :bongin: I will finish later if this isn't locked or deleted
  11. No, driving a bike while stoned is probably one of the worst things you can do on the road. It's not about wether or not your a safe driver.

    Bud decreases your reaction time, if you try an tell me other wise I'll punch you in the mouth. Id rather you drive a car high than a bike man. It just takes one accident to fuck it all up, and is it really worth it for that hour or 2 high? My pops is an old school toker an bike rider, had a kz1000. The one thing he told me about bikes an bud. Never mix the two. He's dumped his bike, with his elbow sticking through his skin, but if he had smoked before that accident he probably would have died because he was able to adjust for the asshole that cut him off. You can't do that in dreamland.

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