Ridiculousness with Rob Dyrdek..

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    Quality show!:metal:

    Its like Tosh.o except without the special features (edit: my bad, watching it now and their doing a special on a vid lol, never seen that b4, so I'll change my statement to this: Its like tosh.o except for straight dudes lmao no offense to gays :p). I watch it when UTI all the time.

    Anyone else watch this?
  2. Eh, it's alright. The clips are funny sometimes but Rob Dyrdek and the rest of the cast just isn't funny at all...

    I prefer Tosh.0 a lot more personally. I think he's pretty funny so I'm entertained by the jokes he makes and not just the videos.
  3. meh.. I like watching retards hurting themselves for a good 30-45 minutes lol :p. Tosh.0 is funny but IMO sometimes he does go too far.. and it takes a lot for me to say that. Also sometimes just straight up don't laugh at his jokes/videos..

    At least with ridiculousness if the commentators aren't funny you get to see some shithead doing something stupid :D. They have hilarious guests too.
  4. Yeea the main difference is this:

    People watch Ridiculousness to be entertained by the videos. You're too lazy to have to find all these videos, so you're glad that someone has arranged them all into categories for you already, with subtle dry boring commentary by Rob on the side as an extra :)

    Other people watch Tosh.0 because he's hilarious, his jokes about the video are what makes his show good. Not the videos themselves

  5. True.. IMO rob deerdick is funny as fuck tho :laughing:
  6. i tend to stay away from the plague called television. i watch dvds and movies, old vhs tapes from long forgotten times.
    but as for modern television?
    fuck. that. shit. im good.

    funny show tho'
  7. Ridiculousness is not funny. All the people on the show are such tools who think there the shit.

  8. k then.

    Thanks for your contribution lmfao:rolleyes:
  9. Agreed, that Rob guy is annoying.
  10. I can't see how Rob Dyrdek could sell out any harder, the dude is getting paid, but goddamn Rob don't you have enough money? Get back to skateboarding and fuck all this other dumb shit.
  11. robs a fuckin fag a 30 year old dude who dresses like hes 15 get the fuck outta here
  12. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTBUvX7JC5Q]How to Pronounce Rob Dyrdek - YouTube[/ame]
  13. [quote name='"The Osiris"']I can't see how Rob Dyrdek could sell out any harder, the dude is getting paid, but goddamn Rob don't you have enough money? Get back to skateboarding and fuck all this other dumb shit.[/quote]

    Don't knock the fuckin dudes hustle, I could see if he went from skateboarder to rapper but no nothing extreme like that, he's doing his thing and making money. There's no such thing as enough money.

  14. Seriously yo, don't be mad at him making his dollas.

    I'm more mad at MTV for wanting to produce such a shitty show, the fact that he became the host does not annoy me. It could've been anyone.

    They just thought Rob would be funniest on it, sadly they were wrong
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    He's got 3 shows and gets free skate shit, has nice houses, has his own factory, his own line of toys, bunch of cars, and enough dough to last em the rest of his life and then some, what the fuck else does he need to keep whoring himself out for? I'm just saying he should get back to the shit that made him famous in the first place, Skateboarding, fuck all that other noise.
  16. He's too far gone. He seemed so much cooler in the DC video right before his skate part.. now he just seems like the typical trendy guy on TV.

  17. Agreed, but he still does do a lot of shit with skating.. Its just not televised.

    I agree though, he doesn't need to be doing all this shit. I guess after a while it isn't even about the money anymore, I've heard you get addicted to the fame/being on tv/etc. .

    I see this show has gotten mixed reviews frm GC but I'm going to have to keep watching it.. it comes on usually right after I get home from work.. then its a simple matter of rolling a spliff and lighting it :p.
  18. This guy making money like he does is proof that America's youth is full of fuckin retards.
  19. Its like Tosh.0 except not as funny. Rob is funny, just not as funny as Daniel Tosh. Plus he plays the same clips that were on Tosh.0 just the jokes aren't funny. And I love the web redemptions, you just can't beat those. They're always hilarious.

    Daniel Tosh does do a lot of gay shit, but he isn't gay, he just likes to fuck with people. I don't ever really think he goes to far.... well not for me at least.

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