Ridiculously Creepy True Story That Everyone Has To Read

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  1. So me and my buddy, lets call him J,  are smoking in this little spot next to a bridge with a road going across it with a river running underneath. It's dark and He starts telling me this story about how him and his other friend D were in this same spot a few days prior.....
    They had both bought new phones very recently so they were jokingly arguing over who's phone was best. My friend J says to D: " I bet when i take a photo with my phone, the camera flashes quicker then your phone" ;so they go ahead snapping random photos of the water to see whos camera flashes the quickest. My friend J notices a weird orb of light one of the photos, he's not particularly superstitious but his aunt who was over his house the next day is so he thought he may as well show her to see what she says. She's all: "yeah thats pretty weird, i wouldn't go back there" (bearing in mind he's telling me this AS WE'RE STOOD IN THAT EXACT SPOT lol)

    So anyways we finish our joint and head up back to the road, and not 2 minutes after my friend finished telling me the story, a battered old car drives past us. In the UK a car's back license plate has 2 lights above it, one to illuminate the 4 characters on the left, another to illuminate the 3 characters on the right. I swear to god, the left light was blown out- leaving the 3 letters on the right illuminated: ORB

    Noone is obligated to believe me but i am telling you right now that it happened right in front of my eyes- the phone with the orb photo on is now long gone unfortunately so you guys only have my word, i hope you all enjoyed :)


  2. wow i don't believe that kind of stuff, but man if i was in your place, high, i would've freaked out for sure!
  3. I fucking SWEAR to you man, if there's one story that you actually have to believe i'm telling you- it's this one. I'm not a big paranormal guy or one of those "i see ghosts all the time" people. I'm kinda averagely open to the idea that there might be "something" there but y'know i'm not some crazy fanatic or anything- i'm telling you dude, it fucking HAPPENED.
  4. That is pretty synchronistic, seems positive to me
  5. i dont mean to sound like some consuela paranoid satan thing but i somewhat believe in that stuff and jesus that would scare me i would literally not move, close my eyes and like pass out from freaking out haha  :)
  6. Those "orbs" are just the flash reflecting off of dust particles. :poke: 
  7. Oh, really? Give me anything other than your '"word." You'd think one would save a photo that's important enough to make a story about later.
  8. Meh, coincidence.
    Probably looked something like this;
    Somehow the paranormal believers never question the fact that these "orbs" only appear when using the camera flash, and there are always a lot more of them in dusty rooms. :rolleyes: 
  10. That's what happens when you smoke way too much buddy. :)
  11. I've captured tons of orbs. I see them going through the walls sometimes in one corner of my bedroom. We also can't pick up any signal on an antenna for our tv and we hardly get cell service inside the house. This ship is real!


  12. No kidding. I went on a ghost tour while in California and the only thing you could ever get was dust particles, and they would act excited and congratulate you ond finding an orb. Total scam.

    @OP Don't doubt you one bit. But this is a mere coincidence.

    The likelihood of photographing REAL spiritual energy, in daylight, at random, is literally next to none - NEVER seen it before.
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    I never know what to think about orbs in photos.  On the one hand I do believe in the paranormal.  OTOH the orbs can never quite convince me that they're something paranormal.  
    I have one photo of my grandma with an orb so that one is nice to think it might be a spirit.  And then I have probably a couple dozen orb photos that don't seem to show anything special.  
    And here's the real question:  if orbs are spirits, then why are they showing up as tiny balls of light???
    Why not show up as a face or something?  
  14. One of the theories is orbs are balls of energy, they could be spirits' natural form or something else.

    On the same boat as you though: Orbs prove nothing at all. And really all they do is give skeptics ammunition, they expect a detailed apparition, you show them an orb and they think your crazy.
  15. everything is schizophrenic anyways, nothing to worry about
  16. only if you can get a freind to come on here and say he saw it too
    really think i'd just beleive you...
    but then again, you can't make this stuff up
  17. Oh. In that case I'm the child of Superman and Jesus. I'm going to fly to your house and rape you. My standing as the son of Jesus makes me exempt to the Lord's judgement; and I'm the son of Superman (I think you can figure out what that means). So I can do whatever I wish. Murder, rape, thievery, piracy, you get the point.
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    Reading ops post made my anus twitch...

    Does it mean anything?
    Maybe. Maybe its a chemical reaction in my brain that caused my butthole to twitch...and I will never know whether or not reading your story is what caused my anus to twitch or if it is a mere coincidence....like ORB

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