Ridiculously close to getting beat with bat

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  1. So my 2 boys wanna buy a zip and im like alright well im broke so i wont contribute (no job at moment cause im going to college). anyways we call one of my friends cousins bf, major pothead..we're thinking alright this kid wont rip us an oz of headies for $250 sounds legit plus hes going out with my friends cousin and is in love with her. The bf says meet us at this house its my friends girlfriends house which turns out this house is abandoned but yea we drive up to the driveway and we all get out whats up man nice to meet you alright well lets go weigh it out person comes out from behind a corner with a bat in my face and says wheres the money...im like are you seriously gonna hit me with a bat you wont do it and i aint got no fuckin money man so back off and so he doesnt fuck with me moves onto my boy with the money whos a lil smaller pushes him against the house and says EMPTY YOUR POCKETS I WANT THE $250 and hes like nah i aint givin it up i advise you guys leave before this gets ugly another kid comes out of the corner punches him in the face and puts my friends hands behind his back as these other 2 kids smashes the bat into his groin several times and in my mind im like well if this gets any worse im fuckin goin crazy..but my friend gives up the money cause he was pretty badly beaten and i was just standing there like what the hell is going on and this monstrous kid 6 5 230 lbs taunts my friend who just got beat up and shows him the $250 to his face... my friend snatches it LOL right out of his hands and screams GET IN THE CAR!!!! i fuckin DASH into the passenger seat...flip it into reverse as my friends dive in and start the engine and all of a sudden the HUGE kid opens the door to try for a last stand...fails we SPED OFF WITH HIM HANGING ON the car lmao and they called us your fuckin lucky punks and im like HAHA nice try FAGGOTS by the way your gf is no longer your gf when my friends cousin finds out about what you did you better start sucking your own dick bitch and it was basically 3v3 with a bat on their side and im only 6 foot and my other two friends are like 5 10
  2. I would have come back with more than a bat...good that you got away with the money tho
  3. nice work.. but ya if i was you i would go back to that house and bust all the windows out lol
  4. That's an awesome ridiculous story! Shit... +rep
  5. Call them back an tell them MAN THE FUCK UP and Schedule a 3v3 brawl!!!
    Thats what i would do....Even if they failed robbing me. Fuck their shit up
  6. Find out where those fucks live from your friend's cousin, and fuck them up. Then after, call them unlucky punks. Just to rub it in.
  7. this is why you are always armed when you dont know the people ur buying from :p
  8. wait so he held the $ infront of your dude and he snatched it n got away? LOL fuckin lames
  9. Burn that abandoned house down ! Burn that motherfucker to the ground !! haha

    But seriously it's good you got away but don't let this slide by. You need to get them back for trying to pull that shit. I would not let that go.
  10. Believe me, we know where these kids live now cause of my friends cousin..3 months from now..a lil suprise is gonna head their way =] and im gonna stick an oversized hotdog in that fat bitchs mouth

  11. hahhahahahahah fuck i can't stop laughing. i'm not even stoned.
  12. Awesome you didnt let the pricks get away with that shit.

    Wait, so your friend's cousin introduced you guys and recommended you pick up off them? If thats the case your friend should disinherit that bitch.
  13. lol that is a crazy fucking story man especially when all your trying to do is cop some buds. some people are jsut straight grimey..props to your friend though hes got balls for snatching the cash back.
  14. haha there ya go thats what im talkin about:hello::hello::hello:
  15. stcik a fuckin gun in theyre face an see what the pussys do..

    or you could try some really fuckin sick shit an make em do stuff...

    ive seen this video on youtube of someone bein made to smoke pubic hair LMFAO

    roll up a fat joint of premium ass hair before you go an give im that shit to smoke LMFAO

    sorry its grim but thats what bell ends like this deserve...

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