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ridiculous strains (fun game)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dr. Dedoverde, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. anyone who has heard a stupid name, no matter how good the bud is, post here.
    Real or not, post it!

    i will start

    i once bought a dime of this shit called "monkey balls"
    turned out really good!
  2. it was called "smelly pussy" and i traced it back to the grower (homegrown and i know the growers but they only sell in qp's and above) and it turned out to be Cheese from big buddah seeds haha smelled like shit
  3. #3 Lebowski, Feb 8, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 8, 2009
    Triple Quadruple OG kush.

    Someone tried to sell that to me with a straight face. I was like, dude, shut up about the name and sell me some herb. (btw this was 2 weeks after double og, and 1 week after triple og.... yeah, i see you're applying multiplication to your bud somehow.)

  4. hahahahah!!!!
    some connects are just plain retarded

    i once was saw a skater kid who was selling a 5 and he was calling it it (his exact words) "its some kush with a liitle hash on top, and a little hydro!"

    i looked at it and smelled, straight up stesso!, and i ended up convincing him to just give me it for free!

  5. im putting that in my sig haha good shit lebowski haha
  6. "Cat Piss, "
    really reminds me of that south park episode.
    my friend used to say the guy grew the shit out of a cat litter box, and would steal womens panties from the laundry room, and use them as gloves to touch his bud. Could you imagine psycho growers who would do that shit?
  7. i bought some semen sprinkeles. covered in crystals!

  8. Cat piss is a real strain, but thats one funny story.
    I wonder if there really are like growers with crazy OCD doing some wierd stuff.

    AAAHHHHHCK!!! :eek:
  9. hahahah

    sounds like you got "Jizzy Og"
  10. Uh, i just bought "Cheese" w/e the fuck that is.
  11. I dont think it was really the legit name but the person called it that and it got me pretty damn high :eek:
  12. my ex dealer with a straight face said, "I got some dank ass bud, its Bubble Dust." I was like wtf are you high? haha I ended up buying it for 15$ a g and it was goood.
  13. pineapple express and obama kush...lmao at both of those
  14. steel o.g, sounds like either an 80's glam band i also like snow capped bubble gum, that one sounds strange to me, but holly shit is it bomb!!!
  15. also along time ago, before i knew the wonders of sour disel, my freind told me that sour disel actualy had small amount of gasoline in it. Boy those were the days, when i thought anything was possible!
  16. didilly funk
  17. lmfao! WTF? give your dealer props, that's creative as hell.

    i once pick up a sac of "green thunder hurricane"...

    sounds like a shitty indoor soccer team
  18. Stinkbomb.
  19. hahahah classic

    what about this "juicy o.g" im getting some in like an hour
    and the homie and me were like, how do you think they get the juicy in there, and what is the juice. and he said, some girl with a big ass booty sits on it in like 90 degree room and the sweat goes all over it, and ass her juicy booty leacks on to the sack, the juice is dry and sealed! got i hope thats true!!!
  20. danky doodle :rolleyes:

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