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ridiculous questions from a complete novice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ranchyl, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. I've got some questions that will make me look really stupid, but please bare with me.
    I have never tried pot. I've been a big drinker, but that is getting pretty old to me. I have done my research and come to the conclusion that weed is safer than booze and I want to try it.
    At this point in my life (I'm 30) none of my friends do it so I am kind of on my own here. Also, I never really hung out with people who smoked, so I have not even a clue about how to go about actually smoking it......I finally found a place to get some. I've got it and now have no idea what to do with it...Its in a baggie and in small clumps. Do I just break it with my fingers and roll it?
    I've also read about using it for baking. Would that be a smart thing to do for my first time?
    Again, I know I sound stupid....But I'm all on my own here!
    Thanks for any help.
  2. I wouldn't roll for your first time smoking. Buy a small glass piece (a bowl or also known as a spoon) it will be much easier to use a complete novice. Def. do not try to roll a joint for your first time smoking.
  3. You're not stupid. Everyone is a beginner. If by "clumps" you mean nuggets, then yes, you take out the stems (depending on weed quality, there can be seeds you need to remove also) and break down the rest of the weed. This is also called 'cleaning' the weed. I prefer a grinder, but by hand works just fine. You can smoke it in a bong, bowl, or any other type of pipe. You can also roll a joint or a blunt. I've only baked brownies one time and I had the help of a friend who really knew what he was doing. I'd stick to smoking it though for your first time.
  4. well rolling can be tricky if you never done it,so i would recommend you buy a cheap 3-5 dollar pipe at a smoke shop.and with a pipe,you won't have to smoke too much,maybe 1 good inhale and will feel it.good luck and have fun man:smoking:

  5. Yeah, i would reccomend buying a bong or a pipe of some kind. Dont go online and try and make a gravity bong or something, you should learn how to do those types of things from an actual person.

    So, all you wanna do is just break up the bud (This can get messy, and using your fingers is a very in-effective way of doing so, go to your nearest headshop and ask about a grinder, im sure they will be more than happy to explain to you how to use it, even though it's pretty simple to figure out)

    After your bud is broken up, you wanna pack the bowl of whatever your smoking with. Keep in mind, when you suck, the weed will just suck into the pipe, so while your at that headshop, you should also inquire about screens, either glass or regular, for your pipe or bong, so you dont get a mouthful of weed and ash and all that shitty shit,:smoking:

    This next part is very important, when you inhale, make sure to get that smoke down into your lungs, but to absorb all the THC you really only need to hold it down there for about 2 seconds, but this may even be a stretch for you, since your lungs wont be used to it, coughing will probably be induced your first couple hits, along with a shitload of flem if your a smoker, as i am.

    And...Viola...Your high, now go find something to do.:cool:
  6. Hey let us know how it goes!
  7. If you have the $$$ then do what the above posters said

    if you don't want to go out and spend money on something you just want to try, you could always make an apple pipe or bong

    there's a bunch of youtube tutorials so just look there and you should b set:smoking:
  8. break up the bud into small pieces using a scissor so you dont have to touch it with your hands. then take out any seeds or stems. im assuming you dont have a piece so make a pipe out of an apple (even a novice can do this) and its easier than trying to roll a j if your new. once you start smoking more you can buy a piece

    [ame=]YouTube - Creating an Apple Pipe without foil 101[/ame]

    i recommend using that link because no tinfoil is involved. gl and happy toking
  9. Thanks for all the input! I think I might try for the apple, it seems like the easiest way and I live in a town with no head shops. Thanks again for the push in the right direction...Good luck to me :)

  10. Most Shell and BP gas stations sell little glass pipes near the register, just check around next time you're at a gas station or one of those tobacco/lotto shops. They only cost about $10-15 for a decent one.

  11. Haha, yeah apples are great when you don't have another option.

    Also, you could probably go down to big lots or wallgreens or some shit and buy one of those sherlock holmes pipes. They do the trick, and nobody will think youre using it for weed.
  12. He ;) Good Luck.

    Just want to add if u end up not liking it, there are allot
    of diffrent kinds of weed and also allot of ways to smoke it.
    Next time mabey try out the Waterpipe, and try out a nice weed like a nice haze.

    So gl smoking
    p.s. ;) try some orange slices
  13. These are not stupid questions. If you do the apple trick it tastes good for liek 2 hits and then it starts to taste like shit. Dont bake your first time, you will fuck up lol. Your best bet would be to smoke out of a bowl the first time. Tell us how it goes. :wave:
  14. Why not just make a bong? They really are very simple to make all you need is a small bottle (like a 600ml coke bottle), a short piece of garden hose, and something to use as the cone piece (bowl), a small socket from a socket set does fine, also pays to have some fine mesh to line the cone piece with.

    I've made many a "temporary" bong this way when I've had nothing else, and they work fucking great, always get high using them. Of course id prefer purpose made glass bongs and pipes etc, but in a country with marijuana laws as tight as mine, these just aren't readily available, and even the most seasoned smokers use makeshift instruments. What can I say, they work just as well

  15. the apple can be a little harsh sometimes but it works very well for sure

    have fun with your first time smoking, hope you enjoy it!
  16. Agreed. Apples not such a great idea. And you look like a real wanker smoking outta one. The same goes for people that make pipes using plastic pens, the plastic fumes up after the first few tokes and you're inhaling some nasty shit. And it tastes fucking terrible.

    Find someone to teach you how to roll man, nothings better than smoking a fat blunt or joint. Its not hard to learn, and once you get the hang of it you can roll some mean shit :D i'll have to put up some pics of my creations sometime :smoking:
  17. If you haven't smoked already google or youtube would be some help. Also don't decide you love or hate it the first time and be somewhere comfortable and relaxing(no pressure from to many people watching or what not). Something i still do is take a few cleansing breaths and relax before i spark it very beneficial. If you are all paranoid and anxious weed will only multiply it. Happy toking.
  18. Just roll up a joint.

    Break down the weed as small as you can.
    Take out seeds if any and stems (really small ones can stay though)
  19. make sure you don't torch the weed. you only need to light a little of it at a time. it saves weed and you will be thanking yourself in the future if you do this. good luck and enjoy
  20. make sure you eat some food first man, don't get high your first time on an empty stomach, you might get sick.

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