Ridiculous high story...ran a red light and got pulled over by a hottie!

Discussion in 'General' started by Young Dro, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Yesterday I was driving to my local head shop to buy a precooler/ashcatcher type deal for my piece. I hadn't smoked in an hour or so but I was still sorta high. Anyways, I'm driving behind this red, wide-assed van that I can't see around or over. It turns left (from a one way street) at the light, which based on the fact there was a cop next to me and that she turned with caution, no hurriedly, I assumed it was still a green light. So I jolt into the intersection, almost T Boning a car, before realizing what I had done. I instantly remembered the cop and just about took a shit in my pants. So I pull over. I was eerily calm once I actually pulled over, considering it was only my second time being pulled over, and that I was at very least stoned over, at very most still sort of high, it was hard to tell with the adrenalin, but whatever. So I sit there, pulled over, waiting for the cop to come, when out of nowhere, a female cop (maybe the third or fourth I've personally ever seen...I'm not from a large city, the police forces in the cities I've lived in have been small and usually all male) appears. I told her my side of the story, not being able to see around the car and all, and after some background checking and discussion she let me go with a documented warning. This lady made my month! She was nice, respectful, smart, and very beautiful (easily the hottest law officer I've ever seen). I got extremely lucky that I got such a high quality officer to deal with because for the most part police are money oriented and wouldn't have given a shit about my story. On top of that, she saved me hundreds upon hundreds of dollars in ticket money and increased insurance premiums. Needless to say I learned a few lessons. Anyways, that was my lazy sunday. The rest of the day was spent smoking the finest trinity in the Northwest!
  2. Get her badge number and hit her up! :smoke:
  3. rarely do you ever see good looking female officers, in fact...ive never even seen a female officer under 35 in my life.

  4. EXACTLY! I was reluctant to say it that way, but it is true...she was probably 25-28, and she was very cute, she reminded me of a slightly less hot Jordana Brewster...

    yes, this jordana:
  5. I remember getting pulled over by a male and female officer. The female was allright I guess, but she was a little on the chubby side. And then they brought the dog in.
  6. [​IMG]

    A better pic of Jordana

    Also good job on getting a hottie police officer
  7. lol, i saw much hotter pics of her, but the picture i picked happens to look about 95% like the officer, whereas in the pic above jordana looks more normal...god jordana is hot...and ya the best part was that not only was she hot, but she was willing to listen to me, she was understanding, and she didn't write me that ticket! SCORE!
  8. this lady down the st from me is a cop shes wicked good looking she once pulled me over and i offered to watch her kid if she didnt give me a ticket and she was like i could arrest u for bribing an officer but since i know your mom i`ll let u off w/ a warning lol

  9. LOL! Such a good/bad (at the same time!) idea, just awesome stuff!
  10. It's funny you posted a story like this today. Last night, on my way home from work, I was sitting at a red light in the middle lane. I was fiddling with the radio, when I see the cars on both sides of me start to go, so i start to go, too. I look up when i'm halfway through the intersection, and see that my light was red, the car in the right lane was turning right, and the left turn light had just turned green. Naturally, there's a cop waiting at the light on the cross street, so he pulls me over. Young guy, cool as shit.

    *with a slight smile on his face, cause he already knew*
    "son, you know why i pulled you over?"
    "yessir, i'm sorry, i was fiddling with the radio...blah blah blah"
    *chuckles*"I figured as much. Man, you gotta be careful with stuff like that. you could've gotten into a pretty bad accident"
    "yes sir, it definitely scared the piss out of me"
    "alright. good. pay more attention. have a nice night"

    The new crop of cops we got around here seem to be pretty chill.
  11. That's a keeper. :smoke:
  12. Haha ya I guess same here. The cops here are chillll with smoking most of the time...its decriminalized in a few cities here...so thats nice, too.

  13. That's cool....I wish cops around here weren't dicks

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