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    Ok so i bet you all know someone who seems to always have a story that somehow relates to whatever you are talking about. you might not even be talking to them, they just decide that you wanted to know the story about how their mate has "done that" and their mate has always done it better or at a higher level than you were talking about.
    fucking bullshitters man..
    anyway i get so sick and tired of it i thought i would like to come on here and see if anyone else feels the same, and maybe we can make a log of some seriously funny Bull Shit people say and have a really good laugh.
    Any takers?

  2. Lol yeah. He'll say what you want to hear. He's a cool friend but he is like 5 haha
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    My Ex's mother. This woman will tell you ANYTHING you want to hear, she makes up the most ridiculous lies about everything and anything for no reason too. Like one day she was over visiting the kids, we were watching the news, my dad was by too and asked what Christy said and she made up this crazy lie and nothing she said was true.

    I also have a friend who LOVES to lie and ALWAYS try to top what your doing. When I was pregnant with my last daughter I had a very complicated pregnancy. I of course got a lot of support which meant I got attention from our friends and she was soooo jealous so she made up a TON of lies about having a complicated pregnancy to try and steal my attention. It upset me because she was pretending her babies life was in danger because when it was healthy and I was struggling to carry mine to term. She isn't funny, but Ex's mom was hilarious with her lies
  4. I am really enjoying the way you spelled ridiculous. 
  5. O my god i had a friend who did that. He would always talk about all this amazing shit he'd done. I knew it was lies because everytime he told the story it got more ridiculous. He's the kinda guy who always says "my buds so sticky you can smash it on a fridge and it'll stick".
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    Yes I did. This guy would tell stories that you weren't always sure were true or false. His nickname was Superbad because he kind of looks like Jonah Hill. So let's call him Superbad.
    So Superbad has lied about a range of things, he had a small portable speaker with him one time he claimed he invented it.
    420 one year he mooched off me all day claiming he was buying an ounce later. The day goes on and he continues to annoy all of my friends everywhere we go and he is a person who is hard to get rid of. So we keep waiting it's like 6 o' clock and he hasn't mentioned the ounce so we just decide it's not even worth it to find out if he is telling the truth. Made up some bullshit to get rid of him.
    He has claimed he has massive amounts of weed other times too and yet he never has any when I hang out with him. Maybe 3 times out of every time I have hung out with him he had weed. He is also the type of guy who wants you to just keep loading it.
    But he recently went to jail and I'm not even sure if the reason he gave me is the truth. He says that he was in a poker game and everybody else at the table tried to rip him off so they attacked him and he beat them up in self defense. I really doubt that to be honest. He says the only reason he went to jail is because they all had the same story besides him.
    Now he smokes meth and I avoid him like the plague.
  7. lol thanks i am not so hot on spelling ;)
  8. I feel bad for people like that, almost everything one of my old friend's said was just a random lie he tried to bullshit at the last second. Like he'd make up a story no one wanted to hear, and it would still be boring lol. It would've been nice if the stories were actually good, but that was NEVER the case. They're always the people who try to 1-up you and in the back of your mind you're just like "stop talking". The saddest part is it's always obvious, they never had a reason to lie in the first place but now there's a good reason not to fuck with them. ._.

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    Plenty of people have bullshitted towards me from family members to acquaintances. 
    This dude who stole my product claimed "he didn't steal it" but yet I saw him checking in my bag but I was too high to even care because my ass was in the zone from the Kush. I asked a couple of people and some even claimed that they saw him with my shit. You gotta be aware of pathological liars, they will make up shit to make you believe them. 
  10. so i arrange to meet up with my mate, i say "ok meet me at the park at 4:20" he's like "yeah sure" so 4:20 i'm at the park, call him up "yo where are u man?" "oh i'm just leaving now"..hmm well he lives 5 mins from the park so i stroll on towards his house. i get to a bridge thats about half way between the two. call him again "yo where are you man?" "i'm just by the bridge" so i say"well thats clearly BS cause i am at the bridge." so he gets all "oh well i'm really close so i thought i'd say the bridge so you knew where i meant".. several minutes later he arrives a the bridge. my conclusion he didn't leave his house when he said the first time. is this really important? NO but why lie about stupid shit like that. some people like you say shaddy are just pathological liars. i do not understand it.
  11. Some kids were complaining about staying up late studying for finals, and this guys is like "fuck all of you I once didn't sleep for two entire weeks." Obviously people start questioning him, and he just keeps expanding the lie. It was glorious.
    Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure this is physically impossible.
  12. I'm older now so it's easier to pick anyone's bullshit, now instead of getting pissed because someone is trying to bs me

    I just look at them and think along the lines of 'what happened to you in your life that you felt the need to bullshit constantly'

    And then I work my way down the list

    - You never actually did anything very fun
    - You weren't good at making friends
    - You grew up in an abusive home
    - You have a 'cool' older brother
    - You like to try to impress people

    You get the point, it's frustrating but I really just feel sorry for them now

  13. My mate made a better thread about how people are always bullshitting, 2/10 for you sir.
  14. Ha.....hahaha wondered how long it would take..
    you know they are full of shit when you say; "your full of shit" and they respond "no I'm not"... hahaha "exactly"
  15. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
  16. what?  :confused_2:
  17. Hey I once had a bullshitter on your side claiming I stole his weed. He then pulled put his full bag to ask me where this phantom .5 or some shit went.

    Idk man. Your weed, your responsibility.

  18. That dude is careless, he was just trying to stirrup pointless drama for the sake of it. 
  19. i invented grasscity
  20. i invented grasscity

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