Ridiculous anti-legalization video

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  1. Try to spot one statement that isn't a lie in this video besides it being sold in grocery stores after legalization or there being marijuana collectives buying farmland. In the whole entire video I couldn't find any other true statements.

    This is from an organization that is self proclaimed to be "for the children and families"

    Don't Let California Go To Pot. » MarijuanaHarmsFamilies.com

    Oh yeah and you can't forget the fun at the parent site:

    SaveCalifornia.com -- Campaign for Children and Families - savecalifornia.com

    These fuckers are using a pretense of helping families when all that the war on drugs is doing is tearing them apart :mad:
  2. I lol'd.

    "Don't buy the lie"
  3. even the grocery store things is a lie. They could have special stores for it. Also, the right to get high at work? Yeah as people have the right to be drunk at work now:rolleyes:
  4. ha...everything they say is a lie....so dont buy into it!
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    you have dig for about 2 seconds and they prove them selves wrong.

    ok thats /\ what the commercial says.. they give you a link to the source


    only problem is. this is what the source says \/

    and again

    it keeps going I'm on page 18 of 123 and it keeps saying the same thing
  6. I love how one of the biggest crusaders against Prop 19 is the California Beer and Beverage Association. How hypocritical is that? They just don't want the legalization of cannabis to hurt their bottom line.
  7. IT COULD BE SOLD IN GROCERY STORES!!!!! I'm pretty sure every grocery store has a LIQUOR isle. I lol'd how they had a baby weighing something on a scale....

    "4 times more mind altering than the 70's" = :hello:

    "Skyrocketing usage among teens and young people", It's going to be harder for teens to get it once it requires an ID... It's MUCH easier to get it from a street level dealer nowadays.
  8. Can't someone get /b/ tards involved to hack their site or something?

  9. thats a good idea. Someone should do it. seriously.:smoke:
  10. the drums scared me straight
  11. +rep to whoever does that what a good idea, i love how they don't even use facts to back anything up lol
  12. Be careful if you use the /b/ approach lol... That has a high probability of backfiring. While I know that a good percentage of /b/tards smoke, it only takes 1 good /b/tard to submit a possibly astronomical about of signed pledges.
  13. Soooo, they don't want us to buy into the lies? Well i'm pretty sure the reason i still am smoking is BECAUSE of the lies they told us in school, all that DARE bullshit keeps you from the truth, so who is the real liars? And also, why do they make this video so fearful of the drug? Becuase they think they can still control the stupid Americans who soak up whatever they are told, like communists are still going to take over,all islamic people want to destroy the country, and cigarettes/alcohol aren't really drugs....surrreeee :rolleyes:.
  14. This just set me off:

    CADFY - In Their Own Words

    His argument is that he couldn't control himself and use pot in moderation so pot should be illegal. Dumb argument that is way to common from people with addictive weak minds. At some point you can't blame the drug, you gotta pull yourself up from your bootstraps and take some responsibility for yourself.
    I can't do this anymore...I'm sorry.
    I'm shrugging the chains of marijuana usage off after this last keystroke.

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  16. Whats with this whole idea of demonizing something that could lead to something else?
    So we should outlaw motor vehicles because with one simple reflex of the ankle you could go from driving miss daisy to propelling a 3000 pound 120mph rocket. I just wanna punch my brain out. WHy dont they talk about weed not crack not cocaine not this whole aurora of devil that they create around this highly beneficial and relatively low harm plant. Talk about the plant and stop trying to brush off the topic of a nontoxic plant with your bullshit. Tired of this shit:cool:
  17. thats fucking stupid, im not for legalizing because that would defeat the purpose of smoking weed all together, and it shouldnt be taxed cause thats retarded, but that video just straight up lies about it, i dont mind if people dont like weed but at least dont try to tell other what to do.
  18. on that second link , they say "see the video thats driving potheads crazy". no wonder.... :smoke:

  19. Oh boy :rolleyes:

    I respect your views but smoking just because it's illegal it just as stupid as that video.

    And not to burst your bubble but almost everything is taxed, nothing to cry about.


    Ya, it's mad dawg. Weed only for us hard folks dat do it even doe it is illegal. Yeah, dawg. We mad hard! See how swoll I am. Dawg.

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