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Discussion in 'General' started by TheMunchinPanda, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. ...th-no, you know what. Fuck that.

    Here's what's on my mind:
    I think conformity is a higher form of fashion than anything else.

    What do you think?
    Answer with an open mind or leave. Either will do nicely.
  2. I think people don't realize how cool some things are until they see other people that have it.

    Now on the otherhand if someone is doing something purely because other people are, its stupid, but also if you're stopping yourself from doing something because everybody else is, than you are twice as stupid.

  3. so I should conform to your thread? What is this, some kind of fashion contest?
  4. I fail to see how 'fashion' is a form of conformity.

    I think it's just the opposite.

    I think fashion is being different.
  5. He's relating conformity as a form of fashion.
  6. Lol holes in my post. I was just trying to say, everyone around me is a certain way based on other people's outcomes in life. I don't understand why no one looks for things right in front of them to make them happy. Why be something your not and ruin your life.

    I'm also about to pass out and not sure if any of this is making sense. I'll be back after work tomorrow and straighten this out. Night fellow city folk.

  7. And what he said.

  8. (has a sudden moment of realization) Oh..... I see.....
  9. Just do what you wanna do man.
  10. Conformity as a form of fashion...

    Yeah man... people do that sometimes...

  11. I am and I'm honestly happy. I see other people that try to act, dress, talk, etc; like others and they're not happy. They may not be miserable but why settle for anything less than being happy.
  12. if 2 hermaphrodite was having sex would it be a 2 some or a 4 some
  13. It's funny how sometimes opposing conformity, results in an individual becoming a conformist. Think of '90s punk rock. They were rebellious, didn't give a fuck. Now you got kids scrambling into Hot Topic stores looking to be like that.

  14. This is exactly what I'm talking about. Thank you. If you're spending all your time trying to be different, when do you have time for you, where's the real you?

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