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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by WeedCrawler, Feb 14, 2004.

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  1. Ever do logic questions?

    The rules go like this...you can only ask yes or no questions, and i can only give yes or no answers.


    There is a cabin in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of dead people in it. What happened?
  2. was it food poisoning?
  3. No..*smile*
  4. lol was there an explosion?
  5. no..not a suicide cult.

  6. really?! i got it?
  7. no.you didn\'t get it. lol. but nice try.

    You have to find out why the people are dead...the explosion didn\'t kill them.

    I should add...for those that DO know the answer, please don\'t give it away for the others. thanks.

  8. lmao!!
  9. Highgirly..no..lol..but funny
  10. did the debris from the explosion kill them?
  11. nope...didn\'t starve
  12. Daisy..

    possible, but irrelivant..so ..No.
  13. did someone throw a boomerang in a drunken rage and knocked everyone out cold and they died.
  14. Hint.....you need to look at EACH word of the riddle and question it.
  15. LMAO...funny..but no
  16. Highgirly..

  17. I have seen one like it....Yes
  18. did they die while inside the cabin?

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