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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by fromeister, Jul 4, 2003.

  1. if smoking nuggets is in some way sinful and in some cases wrong (at least when it comes to christians and such), then why do all the athiests get a gihugic gust of wind when they hit a bowl and im the one who gets get clearance...?

  2. wtf.

    the christians you been smokin to seriously need to go read the first page of their holy book again.

    Stoned :D
  3. ya seriously. I'm Christian and there is nothing in Christianity that says don't smoke pot. It's just that so many Christians have been told it's wrong and never care to try it.
  4. dont christians believe in god, and dont they say god made everything, well god made pot man made beer who do u trust more?(quote from spencers keychain) i dont think it is a sin its a plant put on this earth by something to be usedfor what ever
  5. man didnt make beer. god did (or mother earth whatever, i mean "(insert mumbo jumbo)" made beer)

    we took the ingredients and found a way to make it. letting some potato juice sit to long made the first vodka. thats just as natural as a marijuana plant growing in the woods.
  6. and if smoking it is bad, eating it certainly isnt!
  7. yea ur right god did make pot but i was in church on easter and they said sorcerers go to hell which would mean those that take potions or mind altering substances... something to think about didnt all the wizards n the lord of the rings smoke alot of weed

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